We will return shortly!

UPDATE: The database is now restored.

Why have we been down for so long?

Not gonna lie, the server migration has been a bitch, some of it has now been resolved.

On November 13th we started a simple server migration to a more affordable service better suited to our current needs and software update. It was estimated we'd have a 2-day downtime and would return in full on November 15th. But everything went wrong.

We're not sure why, but first the updates gave us trouble. No matter what we did, we encountered some kind of compability error.

When we finally got that to work, we discovered the next problem:
The gallery database was - somehow - damaged. Even in the 3 backups we had. Everytime we tried installing the gallery it crashed without an error message. The database turned out to be unreadable, leading to extensive efforts to try and recover it, a painstaking process that took us until Jan 3rd to fix.

We're now running into a series of compability errors again, but this should be - relatively - quickly resolved.

If you miss the site, we still have our Discord and my Twitter if you want to stay in touch and up to date.

Chibi Val

Kind regards, Valcyrie (Site owner)

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