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Dragons & album covers

Do you like listening to it, or do you even create it? Talk about it here!
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Dragons & album covers

Post by Fenveireth » April 13th, 2017, 11:45 pm

You all know that we can't judge a book by its cover.

But ! The story is different for heavy metal records
After trying that for a little while, I find that by just looking at the cover artwork, you can take a pretty decent guess at what kind of vibe it's going to give, and even tell which of your friends are going to like it.

At first, it's fun to do
But then, I've noticed that, with very rare exceptions, seeing a dragon on there tends to bring up that "uh oh" feeling. While seeing, say, a wolf, will make it feel like a much safer bet.

I'll demonstrate with, really, the first samples that came to my mind :

So yeah, it seems to me that either I'm sample-biased, either dragons are completely outclassed by wolves in this field. That simply won't do.

Since personal taste still weights a lot more in this story, there's no way to "prove" that right or wrong.
But I'm still curious about what's the first thing you guys think when seeing whatever creature on the box, be it dragon, wolf, or anything

Does that kind of guessing even works for other music genres ?
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