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Composing an animation

Posted: July 14th, 2016, 1:03 am
by Ziea Ebbon
First off. I really didn't have any idea where to put this. Was hoping for a "movies+videos" or something...

I am making an animation, its going to be safe-for-work, though I need voice actors.

I need auditions for 2 voice actors. SO feel free to make recordings of the following lines and pm those to me. I will reveal the full script once I have chosen people

1)first line, noting special, “Fido Ebbon"
2)Say, as if you where being hypnotised, “My favorite drink is milk”
3)say "Take this... now try look threatening"
4)say “it’s still fucking broken…” very frustrated
5)Say, as if you're realllllly fucking happy, “Tangerine”
6)Get real angry and say “Burr untu kingdom…”
7)Also give a sample of a rawr but as if you have never made a rawr in your life.
8)... a sample of the kind of sigh you would give if something you made just broke for the 100th time

Now record all that and send it to me in a pm
A person recommended the use of vocaroo ( that you can just hit record there, then it gives you a link you can send to me. Though not sure for how long that link is valid for sooo... feel free to pm me and we can arrange to share the files over skype.

NOW! Just want to say this now: I ain't paying. Cause I am not getting any money out of this animation.

Feel free to post any questions.