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Re: Robotics

Posted: July 27th, 2017, 10:11 pm
by 64Dragonheart64

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He still refuses to admit, but he tried to make a lazer-firing panzer tank with that one.

Re: Robotics

Posted: July 27th, 2017, 10:54 pm
by The Unnamed
No really... Your robot has movement system that looks like the british MK 1 to 7 tanks.

Really ... 20Tank.jpg

Re: Robotics

Posted: July 28th, 2017, 9:20 am
by Xasin
Actually, The Unnamed, UHMWPE has one big flaw when it comes to its usefulness.
Due to the weak Van-Der-Waals bonds between the atoms, its melting point lies at around 130°C
That means that should someone really decide to shoot at it with a bullet with large enough energy, the material might melt from the heat caused by the impact.
The weak bonding between olefin molecules allows local thermal excitations to disrupt the crystalline order of a given chain piece-by-piece, giving it much poorer heat resistance than other high-strength fibres. Its melting point is around 130 to 136 °C (266 to 277 °F),[8] and, according to DSM, it is not advisable to use UHMWPE fibres at temperatures exceeding 80 to 100 °C (176 to 212 °F) for long periods of time.
And UHMWPE is not a wonder material. It's been used in processing since ... 1950? And the UHMWPE Fibres are being used since 1970 ^^
And actually is already being stuffed into anything that requires lots of strength.
UHMWPE are used as composite plates in armour, in particular, personal armour and on occasion as vehicle armour. Civil applications containing UHMWPE fibres are cut-resistant gloves, bow strings, climbing equipment, fishing line, spear lines for spearguns, high-performance sails, suspension lines on sports parachutes and paragliders, rigging in yachting, kites, and kites lines for kites sports. Spectra is also used as a high-end wakeboard line.
Although it's interesting to see that it's already being used in personal armour ...

Oh, and what would those composites be?
They certainly sound interesting ... Does it use Titanium as main base material?
I would imagine that to be suitable due to its low density yet good strength.

Also shush Dragonheart!
It's not like I actually put a Laser on my Robot or anything! D: