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Any good dragon themed game out there?

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Any good dragon themed game out there?

Post by 64Dragonheart64 » October 29th, 2016, 9:56 pm

Apart from Skyrim, that is. Also someone knows about any game where a draogn is the protagonist, besides I of the Dragon and the Spyro series?
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Re: Any good dragon themed game out there?

Post by Tissthalliss » October 30th, 2016, 12:05 am

I haven't seen much about it, and I don't think it is actually out yet, but I did see a quite nice looking game called Scalebound which I am pretty sure was focussed on dragons, or a dragon.
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Re: Any good dragon themed game out there?

Post by Fenveireth » October 30th, 2016, 1:38 am

- Dragon's Dogma (PC) is really good. A dark-ish RPG in which you run after the dragon that stole your heart. Literally.
Dragons have an antagonist role in this one. But for fights, appearance, and story line, I really like what they did with them.
Also contains a surprisingly well-researched western europe medieval town, and a terribly good-looking gryphon.

- Drakengard (PS2/3) is…unhealthy… You'll share your playtime between flying a dragon, and hack'n'slashing with their human partner on ground.
In the first game, flying the dragoness through the full-flight fight phases feels pretty good, but everything else felt weird to me. Like, for the first minutes, the game looks bad, but it's also very coherent and worked out, so it ends up feeling intentionally nightmarish.
The third game is more advanced (actually writes the characters really well imo), but you'll see secondary characters poke the young and innocent dragon with sexual innuendos that go completely over his head. To my knowledge, this is the only 'serious' production to show a dragon taking a dump on-screen. You will also see the same dragon dismembered on-screen.
Yup. Japanese devs go all the way.

- Divinity 2 : Ego Draconis (PC), at the complete opposite, is really fun. It's a RPG where you are supposed to shape-shift into a dragon at will.
Well, that part disappoints. You can rarely use that ability, and dragon gameplay is pretty static. Human gameplay didn't seem that smooth to me either.
However, it's still my favorite from this list, just for the writing. It's packed full of witty lines, and I think there's not a single character that didn't make me at least smile. Humor is subjective, alright, but I'd still recommend this game just for that.
The same devs also made Divinity : Dragon Commander, a strategy-centered genre mashup. I didn't get really far, I'm terrible at strategy games. But hey : your dragon has a freaking jetpack strapped to his back, to fly faster. What more could you possibly ask for ?
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