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Any other Monster Hunters out there?

Posted: October 30th, 2016, 3:33 am
by Draco Solis
I'm kinda surprised a thread about this wasn't made already, to be honest.

Anyways, I'm curious as to how many other fellow Monster Hunters are out here roaming this little site. If any of you come across this and play Monster Hunter or have previously played it before, why not share some of your experiences? What drew you to play the games for the first time? Any particular games that are your favorite?
How about some cool/funny hunting moments that you've had.
Do you have any favorite monsters, and why?
Anything you particularly like about the series as a whole?
How about some things you don't like about the series.

Feel free to leave any sort of opinions here. x3

Personally, only game I currently have is Tri and 4 Ultimate. Used to have the Freedom series on the PSP but I gave it and the system away not too long ago. There wasn't anything in particular that drew me into it; I was a kid at the time, we looked for some PSP games, parents saw it and said "hey, this looks cool. Wanna try?" I said yes, and there we go. x3
I don't really have much in terms of hunting stories or whatever, but I did kinda feel bad for a particular Rathian at one point. Basically she was almost weak and I chased her to a little canopy area. I dunno how I did it, but I somehow managed to get her into stun-lock; first I somehow knocked her ass into the canopy, getting her stuck in the process. Then when she got up I knocked her onto her side, and then when she got back up again, I again knocked her through the canopy (managed to get two full spirit combos on her, too), and by the time she got back up, she was already weak and limping.
As to what I like, I think it's just the simplicity of the games and the actual gameplay. There's only one real goal to it; kill/capture monsters and get cool shit to kill more badass monsters. The monsters themselves are usually fun to fight, too. Usually...
As to what I personally dislike, right now the thing that's bugging me is the insane drop rate of certain items, items you actually need in order to get some shit. I mean, some of these things have drop rates as low as 1% and that's fucking bullshit to me. Another thing is that some of the monsters can be quite infuriating, especially if they have broken hitboxes. Granted it seems that recently they fixed most of the hitbox and bullshit issues, but in some cases they clearly didn't do enough (looking at you, Yian Garuga).

EDIT: I derped, I didn't see that there was already a thread on it (despite me trying to look for one beforehand). If this needs to get deleted or closed because of it, go on ahead. x.x