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Sick burns.

Posted: May 29th, 2017, 1:32 am
by Indominus Roark
So I got burned. Need some ice. But that's where this is inspired. Place your sickest burns here. Whether you are the antagonist. Or the ever humbled Protagonist. Where you have done the burn or have been burned yourself. So here we go. Can also claim which you are protagonist or antagonist. But that's optional.

Disclaimer! This is not meant to start a burn war or to be used as an excuse to burn someone who's not okay with it. If they're cool with it though. By all means. But remember to keep your words soft and sweet cause you may have to eat them later. Okay end of Disclaimer.

I am protagonist!
So I'm at work. Coworker goes. I'm all wet now.
I shout back so you're moist?
I laughed then apologized for some reason.
Manager replied. It's okay, you're a virgin we understand.
That twas. A Sick Burn!