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random RP (newbie NSFW)

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random RP (newbie NSFW)

Post by rocket2015 » September 27th, 2016, 11:25 pm

hello i am new to herpy and new to these "kind" of RPs, and i have tried to RP these type before but i am not good at them so i usually get people who quit or get annoyed with me, but how ami supposed to get good at them if i can't practice, so i am asking anyone who has the patience to bear with me and be able to help me and give my tips and things to RP with me. i am a novice at these type of RPs but i have done normal type of RPs so i know how to RP in general just no this genre, and if i have done something wrong please tell me because i am self concious at times and i am scaed i make people mad. so yes if you want to RP a situation like this either PM ( recommended or reply to this)

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