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The alternative reality

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Re: The alternative reality

Post by Aracth'nil » December 23rd, 2017, 5:50 am

Latest post of the previous page:

Aracth'nil waited outside the examination room while Valadir's treatment was finalised.
When Valadir walked out, he couldn't help but comment how much better they looked.
"You sure that's fine to go flying with? I mean... there's still a way to go. If you want, we can check on the analysis and see if that's done now - I mean, I can't help but be a little curious too. Tell you what, do you want to fly over there? Or is that a bit too close to bother?"
He looked to Xasin.
"How far is it again? Still don't know this place as well as you do..."
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Re: The alternative reality

Post by Xasin » December 26th, 2017, 11:08 pm

Merr chirpmas to you all!
Sorry for the post delay, I was held up a little by ... Well, Christmas. I'm glad we're still getting a few rounds in before the end though ^^))

Xasin sighed a bit as he watched Valadir's droopy stance.
He couldn't help but feel a little responsible for the outcome of those results, despite it, for now, being pretty much random luck...

During the duration of their travel, he stayed close, making sure that Valadir knew he was around. He did, however, leave him enough room to think ...
After all, there did seem to be quite a few thoughts wandering through the dragon's mind.

Together with Arach'nil he sat and waited, taking out the magazine from his breakfast to continue reading.
As Valadir then finally stepped back out he put the paper aside, and rose with a smile, taking a moment to glance over your wings.

"They ... They look good, Val!", he said, chuckling a bit.
The smile on Valadir's face was contagious, to say the least, and Xasin was visibly relieved that things were going well.

Answering Aracth'nil's question he said, with a mumble:
"It's ... Well, actually, it would be just the right length for a small test flight. It'll be around ... A minute?"

He spread his wings a bit, and wriggled them around ever so lightly, getting his feathers back in place.
"I definitely feel up for a spin, so ... Yeah, let's just take flight for a bit!"

With a grin, and a surprisingly enthusiastic chitter, the small dragon suddenly dashed off, taking advantage of his already spread wings to push himself up into the air.
He slowly circled around the two others, flickering his mane brightly and waiting for them to fly up, themselves, before the leading them over to the lab.

As they arrived there he pointed out that a nearby, connected roof was a designated spot to land, and began to glide down towards it.
Once they all had collected there, he began to guide them back to the lab, to where they would hopefully find the finished results of the analysis ...
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Re: The alternative reality

Post by 64Dragonheart64 » December 27th, 2017, 5:08 am

For Valadir, that place seemed ok, although to be honest, at that point almost everywhere suddenly seemed like a good place to fly. He would have traded one of his kidneys for one flying minute.
He went trotting to the designated place and went to the sky with one big jump. Being in the air again felt amazingly relieving, and his flying felt different already. His turns were quicker and felt that he could catch a bit more speed out of a single flutter. In short, felt more aerodynamic.
He stayed in the air for a while doing some twirls until he realized that the others were probably waiting for him.
"You wouldn't believe how good that felt. Need to readjust my flying now tho" And although he stopped smiling already, his happiness could still be noticed. He was still a bit jumpy. "Now for the important, right?"
The day was only starting, and was going great.
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