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Forum Role-playing rules

Dwelve into the dark and shrouded parts of role-play with a pink twist? This is the place for you.
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Forum Role-playing rules

Post by Valcyrie » July 6th, 2016, 3:39 am

On top the regular forum rules (which can be found here) the RP section is regulated a bit further.

1. Posting habits and interactions
1.1: The board rules already mention the importance of proper grammar and good posts. The same goes here, but instead of good discussion material we here share good story material. A good RP is like reading a good story rich in detail and passion. Therefore we want to avoid RP posts similar to "i likk ur wet cunt" and prefer something more along the lines of:
Solis' snout was a mere inch from her nethers. Her rich scent filled his nosetrils and sent lustful signals up to his head, exciting him even more. With a deep growl he opened his maw and let his tongue roll out and gently grace Val's black folds. Her nethers twitched in response and she let out a squirm...
1.2: There are general ways to have your character interact with the RP world and other characters in it:
Regular text like this is used for objective descriptions. Example: The location was beautiful, a small sandy shore by the Grand Lake...
"Regular text within quotation marks represents your character speaking." Example: Val approached Solis. "Hi there!" she called to him and waved.
*Regular text within asterisks represents your characters actions, excellent to use in the middle of speech scentences. Example: "If you know what I..." *Clears her throat* "... mean."
"Italic text within quotation marks represents your characters thoughts." Example: *Val bit her lip with a worried look on her face.* "I hope he's allright..." she thought.
Bold text is used to emphasise words. Example: "I told you not to do that!"
Underlined text can be used to emphasize parts of your text that have big importance or is a need to affirm for the story to go forward. Example: Val left the room before Scadrafein started posting dank memes.
(Regular text within paranthesis is OOC (Out Of Character) speak.) Example: (Could you please elaborate what you mean a bit further Daedalus? I cant give a proper reply unless Im sure what you mean.)

1.3: Different from the regular forum rules, swearing, cursing and insulting other characters are OK in the RP section as long as its happening in character and stays there and isnt continued outside the RP.

1.4: All RP's most follow a posting order set by the GM (GameMaster, further info about this in the "Creating a RP" section below). All participants are added to the order list and no one is allowed to post unless its their turn according to the list. The GM is typically first on the list, with everyone else following, usually in the order based upon when they joined the game. Example:
1. Valcyrie
2. Scadrafein
3. Daedalus
In this case, Valcyrie starts with the first post. After her Scad posts, and after him Daedalus. Once Daedalus have posted, its Val's turn again and on it goes. You are only allowed to break the post order with OOC messages. The post order is there because we have members from all across the globe who are in different timezones, and we need to prevent speedposting between 2 users that can take the RP further several pages over a night, which leaves a user in a different timezone with a helluva recap. If you dont have anything to post but its your turn, you just leave a [ I pass my turn ]. The GM can also beforehand decide a required response time. If a user on the post order list havent replied for (lets say 48 hours as a example) it automatically skips that user and its the next users turn.

2. Behavioural guide
2.1: Even if your character has a story and all that, dont use that as a excuse to elaborately saboutage the campaign or behave like a jerk to other participants.
2.2: Dont use OP (OverPowered) characters, it causes a great imbalance in the game. The GM has the right to approve or deny any character as per his/her wishes.
2.3: Don't godmode or powerplay, which means that you more or less take control of another character and its actions, or put another character in a situation of which they have no control. It ruins the fun and makes you into a real douchebag.
2.4: Dont expose others characters to situations they or the players are very uncomfortable with. If you are unsure, send a PM beforehand and ask.
2.5: Dont drastically change the campaign or game setting, such as adding a sci-fi space robot to a medieval fantasy-setting.
2.6: When you decide to join a RP (it must have slots open) make sure that your character fits the story and ev. rules set up by the GM. If you're unsure, send the GM a PM.

3. Posting / creating a new RP
3.1: Any user is free at any time to post a new RP. However, if there already is a RP very similar to yours, perhaps join that instead?
3.2: When you decide to start a new RP, you need to make a description of your idea and the world you will be playing in so that possible participants know how and if they need to tweak their characters or create new ones. You can also choose to set up specific rules for characters that the participants need to follow.
3.3: When you create a new RP, you also becomes its GM, GameMaster. The GM have the power to accept or deny any character who wishes to take part. The GM also have the right to deny any post in the RP should he/she feel that it's saboutaging the campaign. The GM can kick any player at anytime should he/she see fit. If you wish to later abandon your campaign, you can choose a new GM from the participants. You can also select co-GMs if you have many players to help you keep the game within its borders.
3.4: Remember that RPs created here are open for anyone to join, and you have no right to single out users and deny them to join unless their character goes against the rules set up for the campaign.
3.5: To avoid having too many players in your setting, you can have a certain number of slots open. The number of slots can be anything from 3 to infinity. Less than 3 is a private RP and should not be held on the forum board. However no more than 10 players is recommended for a single RP. Once the slots have been filled, no more participants can take part unless a player is kicked.

I think this is all for now, may update with changes later. Questions can be posted below.
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