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The Hidden Realm

Posted: October 22nd, 2017, 9:17 am
by millersamuel60
In The Hidden Realm, there will be 4 starting characters. ANY additions of characters after the initial 4 are chosen must be approved by me. Deaths of characters must also be approved by me. Violate these rules, and I will write in a horrible (or pathetic) death for your character. If your character dies without permission, I will resurrect them, then write a pathetic death for them. Otherwise, feel free to make it as NSFW as you want.

Here's the story: 4 (either dragons, gryphons, or some combination of both) are sent on a mission to explore the rainforest, but got lost, and unknowingly stumbled through a portal, which they could not find afterward, nor could they find each other. They must survive with what they have with them.

The characters must include at least 1 dragon, and 1 gryphon(gryphon-dragon hybrids do not count as either gryphons or dragons); one male, one female, and one herm. Character descriptions must include color, gender, age, orientation, species (and subspecies, if you prefer), and a short bio on your character.

There is no rigid turn system, just don't block anyone out.

I am the moderator, and I will have a character.

species-anthro gryphon-dragon hybrid (replace the lion like parts with dragon ones)
colors-primarily black with white belly-beak is black, has dragon wings instead of bird wings
bio- Aeana was the result of a rape-a dragon raped a gryphon, and shie was the result. Shie has long been an outcast to both the gryphons and the dragons, and is trying to get accepted by the communities.