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Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: October 21st, 2017, 8:57 pm
by Tsidia, the mind player

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Tsidia seemed to be reacting over time to Mazrogal's presence. As more energy was fed into her system the air felt strangely dense. As if there was some kind of presence, trying to dig into dragons nearby. Something clicked inside her while she knew Mazrogal was close. She held him in an embrace of sorts, as the corruption spread over to him. Her body was starting to heat up from the fire and involuntary purr rolled off her chest. The energy was starting to drain from the dragon. He could stop her anytime, not like Tsidia had any control over it.

The more power she had, the harder she pressed against Maz. It was now possible for him to see fragmented memories, random protocols that handled most of her mental connections. It seemed that the dragon was free to mess with her in any way. Any changes he tried to do were applied instantly. Whenever she tried to wake up she was met with a shockwave; sending her back to the coma.

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Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: October 22nd, 2017, 7:49 am
by Mazrogal
Mazrogal suddenly felt some life essence of sort being drained from him, And at the same time some sort of flashing images he couldn't make sense of was appearing inside his mind. Remembering what Tsidia had said during their teleportation the drake tried to steel his mind as he also tried to reach out to Tsidia using what little telepathic skills the dragon had learned over the years and he called out to her while nuzzling her snout.

''I'm here for you Tsidia as are we all, focus on my voice let it guide you through the dark. I love you with all my heart and soul''

Mazrogal also felt some sort of darkness envelop him and steeling his mind he conjured up a mental image of the drake holding her close having a wing around her body and protecting her coma stated body from whatever was trying to gain control over them. He also thought of how he would always be there for her, as well as Xasin, Sil'thaera and Zephyr cause if it was one thing that was almost as powerful as love it was the power of friendship. Mazrogal steeled himself as he realized she needed some part of his energy and life essence to survive. He spoke inside her mind as he said.

''I love you...''

The drake said as he poured as much life essence of himself into Tsidia his very inner thoughts and memories of when he was born and took his first breath as a hatchling. Or when he got rejected from the brood by his mother and having to survive for himself. And when he acquired his eye scar from a battle over territory. Or the most important of all when he had encountered the Tsidia and felt love and care for the very first time in his life. Steeling his strongest signal the drake spoke again with conviction.

''Wake up we believe in you... I believe in you with all my heart.. Be a strong dragon...Don't let the corruption win!''

And with that he felt and saw Tsidia's eyes stir beneath her eye lids as the drake believed to himself that it was working. And he turned around to Sil'thaera and Xasin and said.

''I believe she is gaining life back. I hope your mixture is ready also Sil, cause i will probably need it also..''

He said breathing a bit heavy from the life essence of his mixing with Tsidia's as the black drake was pouring his strength and courage into the dark purple ness he had fallen in love with.

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Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: October 25th, 2017, 4:00 am
by Zephyr
Zephyr dove and wheeled through the dark cloud, angry lightning streaking down into nothingness as he tried to grab another arch. He hissed at himself, twisting midair as he scanned the patterns of clouds and lightning as they danced around him. After watching the storm for several seconds he beat his wings and sped towards a towering pillar of clouds. Lightning courses through the behemoth, sparking off towards smaller clusters. As Zephyr closes the distance the wind shifts, slamming into his side and folding a wing against his body. He plummets towards the blackness for a couple seconds of panic flailing before he corrects himself, turning slightly with the wind as it carried him up and past the behemoth. Once he was close enough the dragon spins against the wind, diving down just as the blue streaks cut through the dark clouds and down, slamming into the dragons back.

Back with the others Zephyr's form jerked slightly, his scales pulsing a bright blue, each scale holding the light for a couple moments before the glow started to fade. A gentle growl of satisfaction rumbled from his throat, hardly audible to anyone not directly next to him.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: October 27th, 2017, 7:55 pm
by Sil'thaera
Sil was almost finished preparing her mixture; she shredded some of the leaves, plucked a few slimy mollusks from their shells, and added them to the rocky 'bowl' of water.

"It just needs to warm over the fire for a few moments," she said, "You can use the large leaves to carry some of it to Tsidia and Zephyr, see if you can them to drink some of it.

"But before that, let's see if this might help... "

She moved to Tsidia first; letting her webbed paws hover a few inches over the dragoness, she closed her eyes, concentrating.

A thin layer of ice formed on her paws; when she moved her fingers, little flakes broke off - but instead of falling, they *floated*.

They also started shimmering, growing brighter or dimmer in time with the whispered words that Sil was chanting; when her eyes opened, they were glowing with a blue-green light.

"Water is life. Water is energy. Water is in all. Water connects us. Water heals, and revives."

The glowing ice fell on Tsidia as Sil continued chanting, turning into glowing droplets that seemed to sink into Tsidia's scales.

"This water is life. This water is energy. This water is in all. This water connects us. Let this water heal and revive..."

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: October 29th, 2017, 10:28 pm
by Xasin
((Ghhha... Sorry for the hold-up. I had a slightly turbulent weekend and stayed up ... Well, honestly I stayed up later than I should have and was tired the whole day long >.>

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Xasin growled a little bit and shook himself.
At first, he attributed this odd pressure to the wind or that he had just flown rather fast, but ... Over time, he noticed that it wasn't just some gust of air.

His attention was quickly drawn to Tsidia though as he heard some first signs of life from her ...
And he noticed that a strange Aura had collected around Maz, that ... Indescribable "nothing".

"S-Sil, is ... Are they connected?"
Xasin asked the telepathic naga, unsure about what was going on.
The dragon's behaviour seemed odd to him, but ... Then again, Tsidia seemed to bring with her some odd magic.
In any case, it was clear to him that both of them needed their strength back.

Upon hearing Sil's instructions he nodded, taking the hopefully healing mixture towards the fire to let it sit there.
He added his own flames to the heat for a bit to at least bring the water up to comfortable temperatures from the freezing ones it had been before, and used a leaf to scoop a bit of the mixture.

Carefully he moved it over to Zephyr, wanting to give him the first sip.
"Here you go ...", he mumbled with a sigh as he held the leaf to the muzzle of the slowly waking dragon. Carefully, he began to try and make him swallow, and before long he was already fetching the second scoop.

The third he wanted to give to Tsidia, but upon approaching he was startled by Sil's magic.
He watched her for just a moment, his eyes fixed on the floating plates of ice, but as Sil finished her last spell he continued to try and give the two weakened dragons the mixture.

Do ... Do you think it's working?", he asked, eyeing Zephyr.
He had noticed the increase in luminosity, and it filled him with hope for the two.
As he glared over to Mazrogal and Tsidia though, he ... Just was not sure.

"Maz, if ...
If there is some way we can help ..."
He began to speak in a soft tone, not even sure whether or not Mazrogal was listening.
"We're here."

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 1st, 2017, 12:18 pm
by Tsidia, the mind player
A single wet trail run from Tsidia's eye when the new image joined the spiralling chaos. With the increasing energy, nothing was falling into place. It was just... faster. It burned from the inside, her whole body heating up to dangerous degrees. Seeing no resistance all the new energy was pushed into making the connection deeper. Their thoughts, feelings were mixing like waters of the ocean.

She attacked his exposed structures with unbearable amounts of sensations, filling up all open space. They were actively reacting with each other. It was impossible not to notice. There was something strange with her mind. It had elements of single, dual and hive mind, connected together in ways she couldn't comprehend. Some neural paths were covered in a thin layer of something. It looked like some kind of core.

Her memories were grouped into two categories. First was natural, sprinkled all over her brain in chaotic patterns and random details. Most of her memories, however, were different. They were organised, carried imprints with tags and dates. Almost all of the dates were from before she was even born, yet had Tsidia in them. Sometimes she could be seen with slight changes, mostly in tail length. Those memories were crystal clear, like a perfect fabrication produced by a machine. Most fascinating was the level of details. It was easy to see positions of every leaf on every tree. The general structure had elements which simply didn't fit or shouldn't exist. Everything was covered in very dark substance, some kind of liquid which covered her entire brain.

Over time it got more stable. Slow enough to watch, learn, see. One of the memories was shining brighter than others. Set in some kind of dark glow. She was sitting next to someone. Her wings were half-spread as they watched from somewhere high. Their scales were dark, eyes dimmed. Watching with a strange expression. It was one of an acceptance. He looked like he was watching hell itself, death and destruction and there was nothing he could do. He was fine with that. It was accompanied with a silent smirk, watching the flame. Burning light. Everything was bright, as dark purple fire consumed what's below. Entire fields, cities, tribes. Dragons screaming in agony, structures falling plants dying. There were only two things spared from the spectacle. Shielded, safe, pure. Them.
... Them...
That acceptance spread over to Tsidia. She leaned against his scales, her eyes half-closed as she held his sharp claw. Then, the memory cut.

More watery trails fell down her snout. A small puddle formed as a spike of pain penetrated her soul.

They were randomly pulled up and shut down, seemingly without any goal or reason. Only one thing was static and set. This whole mess was to push against Mazrogal, in every way possible. It was waiting for him, for orders, commands. The ness wouldn't get up on her own, but that didn't mean she was locked in the ground. She needed a spark, an impulse, anything to tell her to keep going.

" believe." That was the first thing she could process. Tsidia started coughing. There was something wet on her snout. Something that wasn't her tears. It was so soothing, she tried to nuzzle into it. She was still warm, because of the mixture in her body. Her tail smacked through the air as she tried to get up. She gasped for air and found herself on her knees, eyes regaining focus. The dragoness opened her maw as if she was about to speak. "Maz... everyone..."

She then fell on her side, trying to curl around the fire. "There you go. Three dragons over a wall." She tried for a weak smile, exhaustion putting her to sleep.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 2nd, 2017, 7:16 pm
by Mazrogal
As Mazrogal felt his energy being drained and he was hoping for a miracle as he had seen his friends and especially Sil'thaera pour her mixture of healing and as he removed his snout to stop giving her some of his essence otherwise he would have died. The Drake saw with his own eyes as Tsidia was stirring to life briefly as he saw her eyes half open and close as he noticed she was alive.

''It worked Sil!''

Mazrogal said with yoy as he smiled happily to both Sil'thaera, Xasin and Zephyr and then back to Tsidia. After he heard her words Mazrogal laughed quickly at her words and nodded as she had indeed saved them from a terrible fate inside that cave. As she closed her eyes and started to rest from being all worn out Maz let out a sigh of relief before looking towards Sil.

''I didn't knew you where healer Sil'thaera but you just saved us all from being flattened lizards under a shit ton of rocks. Do you have by any chance more of that healing mixture cause i feel drained and one of my wings is still ruined''

He said with grunting pain as by now the pain from the energy being drained to save Tsida and his ruined wing was taking its toll on the black drake as he looked at them all with a pained look on his snout and he also asked Zephyr a question as he briefly had chance to see his scales fade in color.

''What did you find up there Zephyr or are you some kind of storm drake who recharges energy by dancing in thunder storms?''

Mazrogal asked as he heard more lighting in the distance from storms haven't not heard em before as he was to busy focusing on the unconscious ness

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Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 6th, 2017, 7:17 pm
by Zephyr
Zephyr's eyes crack open, blue light spilling out from the lids as he takes in his surroundings. He lifts his head up and observes the others, he watches Tsidia carefully, his wings reaching out, stretching them before folding them back against his body his gaze warily watching the dragoness until she appeared to sleep. He stood slowly, testing the strength in his limbs.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 10th, 2017, 6:56 pm
by Sil'thaera
(Skip me. Sil brews up more of her healing mixture and passes it to whoever needs it.)

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 12th, 2017, 10:08 am
by Xasin
Xasin watched as Tsidia and Mazrogal sat next to each other.
Some feeling crept up to him that they were involved in the most intimate, involved conversation two dragons could have, yet... All he could see was them resting next to each other.

He noticed the tears a moment later and gasped. It was a sign that at least something inside Tsidia was still up and doing something.
A split second later, and the sudden jump of the dragonness made him sigh in relief.

"You did it indeed, Tsidia ...", he mumbled in reply, his own eyes now watering a little bit as finally all of his friends seemed out of trouble.
Taking a deep breath, he stepped up to Sil and hugged her tight.
"Thank god... T-They're all ok..."
Emotions seemed to well up inside of him a little bit, and it took him a moment during which he simply enjoyed the comfort of the naga before, after taking a breath or two, he let go of her again.
His expression had changed to a smile now. There still was some worry left in him, but the fact that everyone was out of the cave and recovering was a start.

"Maz ... Take it easy", he said as he heard the black dragon standing up.
"I still have some mixture on the fire ... Wait, I'll get you a spoon."

He quickly walked off, deciding to just take the whole bowl with him and then offer the spoon to Maz.
"There ...
You should leave some for Zephyr, but ... He seems to be recovering too."

Focused on Mazrogal and Tsidia, he did not really notice the aforementioned dragon's movements, at least not at first.
But as he heard the distinct sound of Zephyr's claws on the ground, he looked back to see him more or less standing.

His fur gave off a little flicker of excitement, but it quickly dimmed down again.
"H-Hey, careful now ... "
He quickly jumped over to him, leaving Mazrogal with the bowl of mixture behind.
One of his wings slipped below Zephyr, trying to support him a bit.
"You should sit down some more until your energy is back ...
We have no idea what exactly Tsidia did, and ... I don't want your condition to get worse. Alright?"
A moment later, he sighed a little though and smiled.
"At least you're awake .. Thank god."

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 12th, 2017, 11:06 am
by Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia will just sleep in this turn, wrapped in her own tail coils and letting out a purr from time to time

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 16th, 2017, 11:51 am
by Mazrogal
Mazrogal took the spoon Xasin offered him and gulped it down the wounded drake already feeling his ruined wing's pain dulling as the pain retracted from his nerves as he looked also at Tsidia sleeping coiled around her tail and purring he smiled at her before looking back at Xasin

''Well i'm glad we are all safe and sound and next time someone suggest we explore a cave network fuck that i'm gonna be outside where i can see the sky then!''

Mazrogal said a bit jokingly but stopping once he felt his wing reminding him of pain as he looked around as he said

''Well where are we gonna go now or are we gonna stay her and rest? i can't fly for a while though so i'm gonna have to get used to being a salamander for a while until my wing has healed fully that mixture is sure as hell gonna speed up the healing''

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 26th, 2017, 6:26 pm
by Zephyr
Zephyr leaned against the offered wing for a couple moments, his dazed eyes taking in his surroundings, slowly focusing as he remembers where he was. He turned to the one holding him up, Xasin he thought. He was about to speak when he heard the deep rumble, turning his head slightly he saw the storm, the real storm, behind the mountain. White light lit up the sky or a moment before flashing away. Zephyr stared transfixed at the oncoming storm until he realized Xasin was talking to him. Zephyr stood back away from the other dragon, pushing him away gently with his own wing. "Yes, yes I need to recover my energy." He mumbled to himself, his gaze returning to the clouds. Without warning his wings snap open and he began to run, the display might have looked frantic and wild as he charged from the group, wings beating hard to lift him off the ground, forcing himself faster to the angry storm, his own storm so weak and hungry in comparison.