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Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 26th, 2017, 6:26 pm
by Zephyr

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Zephyr leaned against the offered wing for a couple moments, his dazed eyes taking in his surroundings, slowly focusing as he remembers where he was. He turned to the one holding him up, Xasin he thought. He was about to speak when he heard the deep rumble, turning his head slightly he saw the storm, the real storm, behind the mountain. White light lit up the sky or a moment before flashing away. Zephyr stared transfixed at the oncoming storm until he realized Xasin was talking to him. Zephyr stood back away from the other dragon, pushing him away gently with his own wing. "Yes, yes I need to recover my energy." He mumbled to himself, his gaze returning to the clouds. Without warning his wings snap open and he began to run, the display might have looked frantic and wild as he charged from the group, wings beating hard to lift him off the ground, forcing himself faster to the angry storm, his own storm so weak and hungry in comparison.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 28th, 2017, 6:05 pm
by Sil'thaera
Sil looked around with relief, glad that everyone seemed to be recovering in their own way; she had to chuckle a bit at Maz's quip about caves.

She was about to say something to Xasin, when a flash of lightning interrupted her; she turned her head to look at the approaching storm, and then her mouth dropped open as she saw Zephyr start running towards the dark clouds.

"Zephyr! What are you doing?!" she yelled out.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: November 30th, 2017, 3:10 pm
by Xasin
Xasin chuckled lightly as he heard Mazrogral's rather lively comment.
"Sounds like you're already on your way to full recovery", he added with an equally joking tone.
"But you're right ... Let's not go wandering into caves and play with highly explosive rocks aga ... W-Hey!"

The push of Zephyr cut his answer short, and with a surprised look, he watched the dragon that had been unconscious on the ground mere minutes ago suddenly run and force himself into the air.

"ZEPHYR! Hey, wait, you're not ... "
Suddenly, his fur dimmed down.
"How did none of us hear that ...", he thought. Not that it mattered anyway.

"Zephyr come back!
You're putting yourself in danger!", he shouted, fearing that the dragon was acting out a fever dream or similar.

A split second later then though his focus went back to the group.
Mazrogal and Tsidia still needed to rest, and couldn't fly ...
But leaving them in the storm would be even more dangerous.

"Sil, wait here with the others.
Maybe there is something nearby to hide and wait for the storm to pass."
Having said that, Xasin quickly jumped into the air and began to fly circles around the group.
His eyes were focusing on the ground below, flitting around to maybe see some entrance - the main cave they had come from was too far away, after all.

It took him a moment, but he spotted something.
The next second he was already flaring his wings to land next to the group again; his breath fast from the speed he had gone at.

"There seems to be a small entrance a little down this slope that might give us some shelter from this storm.
No, it's not another cave, Mazrogal. And even if it were, I think the risk of being in such a cave is less than being out in the open with that storm over there."

He looked at Tsidia and sighed a bit.
"She's still asleep ...
M-Maz ... You can't fly. You should already head down there, and Sil could help you if you need.
I'll try to wake up Tsidia, and we'll follow along.

Unless one of you has a better suggestion ..."

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: December 2nd, 2017, 3:27 pm
by Tsidia, the mind player
Tsidia woke up confused and exhausted. Everything was blurry in her sight. A dark spot raced through her vision. It couldn't have been a projectile. They don't move in such a way. Then a loud voice and steps. Someone was there. Waves of warmth pressed against her back. That was when she realized she was being held by someone. A voice called out to her. ".ak...p...w..e.u...Tsidia... Tsidia!"

Her eyes opened wide as she took in her surroundings. A shiver run through her body. Tsidia screeched backed up when she saw someone in front of her snout. "S-sorry for screaming", she said and turned around. The dragoness gave Mazrogal a weak smile before leaning in for a quick kiss. "Where's Zephyr?", she asked and looked around, even more confused now. The blurred image returned to her mind. A small smirk came across her snout. "Don't worry about him, he needs a recharge." Tsidia had no idea how the dragon's body actually worked. Yet she heard about harvesting lightning before.

Only now she took the time to look around. They were near the collapsed cave, outside at last. As her memories returned she got back to her feet. She looked for someone to snuggle. The dragoness stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Xasin's neck. That was right before a lightning bolt stroke near. "Thanks for... caring about me." The ness gave a more lively giggle and tilted her snout towards Sil'thaera. "Sorry for leaving you out", she purred and took a step closer to the other dragoness.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: December 18th, 2017, 11:18 pm
by Mazrogal
Mazrogal headed Xasins advice and moved downwards towards the small entrance. The drake leaning against Sil for support since the ruined wing was really sore and painfull at the moment but the healing potion Sil had made earlier had started to dull the pain to tolerable levels for the wounded dragon. He saw also Tsidia waking up and smiled happily that his new found friend was awake again as continued walking he heard the storm make a lighting strike somewhere nearby and the drake couldn't help but wonder if the next time it would hit would be one of the dragons below the storm.

As they got near the entrance Mazrogal broke away from Sil gently and found a wall inside the entrance he could lean against as he knew even for a dragon such as he he would need a few days minimum to heal the broken bone but thanks to his friends alchemy expertise he was sure it would heal even faster but for now the drake needed rest as he curled up against the wall and passed out from pain his last vision for now being Sil looking at him from the entrance and a few paces behind he hoped Tsidia,Zephyr and Xasin was catching up before his vision faded to black.

( hope i didnt do any god mode here sry for late reply btw seems it was 2 weeks atleast since i visited forums :P, for now Mazrogal is out cold from being drained from energy to save Tsidia and the broken wing but like i wrote it should heal fast due to Dragon biologi and Sil's Amazing alchemy potions! :D)

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: December 19th, 2017, 1:08 am
by Zephyr
Zephyr forced himself higher into the air, his body burnt with exhaustion and fatigue. All he wanted to do was lay down and sleep. The cave was nice enough when parts of it weren’t exploding and he was confident he could figure it out after a nice long slumber. Instead he urged himself towards to encroaching storm. Lightning lit up the sky, exposing the mountain of angry cloud bearing down on the dragon. Each strike accompanied by a deafening crack or boom or snap. The wind howled and slammed into the lone dragon, threatening to slam him into the ground or whip him around and dash him against the mountain side. The entire storm was inhospitable and deadly, and there was no other place Zephyr wanted to be.

His scales tingled and his claw clenched and unclenched as he drew himself higher and higher into the clouds. He was focused on one extruding section of cloud, making that his goal, once he reached that point he’d let himself rest. It was all he could do not to surrender to the roaring wind that filled his ears and battered at his wings. He was so close, his grasping claws reached for the imaginary mark. And then it happened, a powerful arch of lightning rose from the angry black cloud and stuck him. Instead of blasting him out of the sky or frying him where he flew the lightning arched down his back, along his spine where smaller arches reached for scales, wing tips, or claws. The bolt split into three arches as it leapt from the tip of his tail. They sheared off tree tops, blasted a boulder into pebbles, and left a long gash through the mountain side.

Zephyr eyes snapped open, his eyes glowed a bright blue as his power surged. His exhaustion forgotten, it melted away as the power that was stolen from him earlier surged back and then some. He tilted his wings, turning into the storm, gliding through the blackness. The chaos and disorder he saw within the storm mere moments ago became clear. He could see the pattern the winds made as it twisted through the air and slammed into the ground below, the weight of the rain and ice, the release of the lightning even before it arched into the night. He caught two strikes of lightning along his back and wing easily. Another surge filled him and he let out an exuberant roar as he rode the storm.

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Posted: December 21st, 2017, 10:12 pm
by Sil'thaera
Sil smiled at Tsidia.

"I'm just glad you're feeling better," she said, "You had us worried..."

She moved towards the new entrance Xasin had directed them too, keeping an eye on Maz and Tsidia; once inside, she peered outside, watching the storm.

"Looks like a big one," she remarked to Tsidia, "I hope Zephyr and Xasin are careful flying up there!"

The naganess slithered a bit closer to the other dragoness.

"You can cuddle up a bit, if you're cold," she offered, "I'm sure Xas won't mind sharing me, hehe."

(Scuse short post)

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: December 22nd, 2017, 10:28 pm
by Xasin
Xasin gasped in relief as he finally saw Tsidia jerk awake, and smiled even as she began to speak with a fairly steady voice.

"A ... Recharge ... ?"
He seemed confused by her comment on Zephyr's odd behaviour, but he did not press the matter any further. The storm was far too close for him to think about much else than how to keep everyone safe.
"If that means he won't fry himself by being inside such storms ... Oh Zephyr ..."

The sudden hug of the 'ness caught him off guard though. Not that he seemed to mind, but in this situation, he was, understandably, a bit too tense to expect such affection - especially with the bolts of potentially lethal lightning strikes coming closer by the second.

"T-Tsidia, this ... I'm sorry. This is not the time for hugs.
You need to come with us to a small shelter below, we should be safer there than out in the open of the storm.
Please ... You can hug and cuddle as much as you want once we're there."
His tone was slightly impatient, and although he did not want to act angry, it had a little snarl to it that showed his agitation.

As finally the group got moving, he kept to Tsidia's side, making sure to keep her steady if she needed support.
They seemed to be at a good pace, and since the cave was not too far away they all made it in time before the storm was right above them.

While they entered the new cave, Zephyr was hit by the first lightning strike.
Xasin, looking out to the clouds in search of him, saw the aftermath of the energetic release as a huge bolt of light cutting down trees in a manner he had never seen with lightning before.
It made a shiver run down his spine.
"God ... Zephyr, what are you doing ...", he mumbled.

He watched the storm for a second more, but soon the inrush of rain and wind made him retreat back into the cave too.
"I think Zephyr is ...
He's doing something. In any case, he's still out there."

With a sigh he flopped down onto the ground, exhausted from the rather eventful past minutes, and looked up to Sil.
"Share yourself with Tsidia all you want - as long as you make sure to leave some snuggles for me."
His tone was still worried, but ... In light of finally being in a safe spot, with everyone doing better than being in a life-threatening situation, he seemed to relax a bit.

((Sil, don't worry about your post length. I know how it is to not be in a writing mood ...
So thank you for continuing the RP nonetheless :) ))

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Posted: December 23rd, 2017, 8:27 pm
by Tsidia, the mind player
After more than an hour I have to admit my defeat. There is nothing that comes to my mind when replying here and my whole post can be summed up with the phrase "Tsidia decided to follow along and lay down against Sil once inside". I request to be skipped here.

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: January 7th, 2018, 6:16 pm
by Mazrogal
*Mazrogal keeps being out cold from the energy drain but his strength is returning every minute quickly due to enchanced biology and alchemy potions and his breathing is slowly getting better*

(sry for short post next time i make sure to write a longer one since broken wing and energy should be back! ^^)

Re: The Herpy caves

Posted: January 12th, 2018, 1:07 am
by Zephyr
Zephyr pushed himself to the front of the tempest, his wings barely needing to beat as the currents carried him. His eyes, glowing a vibrant blue, scan the land trying to spot something from his new vantage. After a couple of moments he spots it, the glade that he departed from. He slid down the storm, occasional strikes of lightning charging him. Zephyr pulled back into the storm his storm enhanced vision showing him the curves of the wind currents and charge of the clouds around him. The storm dragon went to work as he moved towards a central stream of air. He pushed against it, the strength of the wind almost enough to snatch him out of the sky. Sparks of lightning arch from his scales, reaching up and disappearing into the clouds until Zephyr felt something give way. The current of wind shifted under the dragons prodding and twisted away. Zephyr followed the stream, shaping and guiding it into a wide curve, looping back into the storm. The massive current disrupted the rest of the storm which buckled and writhed against the disruption. Zephyr worked his magic, shifting lesser and greater winds alike as he shaped an eye around the small glade. With the storm constantly fueling his body the work was over quickly. Zephyr broke out of the howling gale and pounding rain into nothing. The glade was quite, a little damp but clear other than that. He glanced up to see stars, as the eye he made opened a vortex the entire way up the storm. Zephyr grinned to himself as he began to decent, gliding down towards where he saw the others resting. His eyes still alight with how power, as his form sparking with energy he landed next to the others.