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The WarDragon Nahl (Outline; SFW. NSFW planned)

A little corner for all of us who likes to paint with words and create wonderful and magical worlds with no other tool than a pen.
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The WarDragon Nahl (Outline; SFW. NSFW planned)

Post by Krakenthekrab » August 10th, 2016, 7:00 am

I love action stories. Its a curse my dad gave me to love intense fights. And fighting in general (although like story and watching documentary i am more a peaceful man but action is just.. fun to read). So in this word its around the medieval time but in this timeline dragons DO exist and there were many types of dragons from there body composition and mental abilities. Basically humans (you, yes you, you ARE a human after all) have learned to connect and control the dragons though a mental bond between its rider and the dragon. But the humans are evil (in some eyes) because there using the dragons as a tool of war. Which none of the dragons really appreciate they tend to want to not get involved in other combat then dragon vs dragon. So in this world dragons roam leaving humans alone but the humans have created contraptions and medicine to capture and tame the dragons. My main character Nahl his tail is sleek but his scales make it a good tool to wack things his body is long and a bit wide also having sleek scales it can take a few heavy hits but not as much as a more rougher kind of scale. His wings are large, but not huge his hands are attached to his wings (it must have 10 fingers i suppose) and is attached in the wing carpal metacarpal (if i remember my wing anatomy right). his legs are medium but strong and has 5 toes 4 in the front and 1 on the side (like a hand?). but his neck is short and also the scales are sleek. The underside is a little thick and ridged like almost every other dragon. So pretty much a large but aerodynamic dragon making him fast and strong. Which to his downfall is what humans are looking for, he has it all. He starts out in the wild with his family and meets his friends as a baby and stuff happens when he is adolescent. Hence the title he is captured and turned into a war dragon and that's about the beginning to early middle of the short story (i can make it a book if i get enough support planned 60-100 pages). This story will be written in a third person perspective don't be afraid to ask for first person, if a lot of people want it ill write it like that.

So yeah, that's it really not spoiling too much i hope. Now if your reading this like WHAT ABOUT THE NSFW KRAKEN?!?! Small problem, i have never really written erotic before and i need a little help with that part. So yes there will be romance and sexy romance ;). If you artists out there would like to draw my characters, go ahead (any kind is fine including the winky winky stuff). Just put a reference to me in the description. If you people are wondering what got me into writing well, i started out drawing. I sucked at it but what im good at is writing. I am in school and all my English teachers love my writing although i never want to become an author. Its more of a pass time for me.

Thanks! My Scaly friends :) :3
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