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Heads and Tails (NSFW)

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Heads and Tails (NSFW)

Post by Saber » July 6th, 2016, 5:30 am

What better way to break in the thread than a gay smut story about dragons?

This is a short story of mine I wrote a few months ago about two male dragons spending some time together away from their mates. Enjoy! ^-^
* * * “I can't believe they won't mate with us," Riok complained, walking beside Conri as they pushed through the dense underbrush of the forest. Fallen branches snapped beneath their paws while they weaved between the trees.

“It's understandable. They don't want more eggs! Our last clutches were quite the rowdy bunch," Conri replied with a toothy grin. “It'll probably be another few seasons before let us breed them again."

“I just wish the seasons didn't last so long. If you can't find a mate within two weeks, then you're better off without one anyway!" he grumbled. “No reason for a female to be in heat longer than a week."

Conri chuckled at his bronze-scaled friend. “Didn't it take you nearly two weeks to win Kyna over?"

Riok scoffed and shoved the golden drake with his shoulder. “It didn't take two weeks!"

Conri nearly fell over as Riok's larger body swung into him. “That's why I said nearly, Rio!"

Riok growled and whapped Conri's rear painfully with his tail. “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?" he hissed. “I don't need you and Kyna calling me by a pet name."

Conri giggled at his friend's reaction. He loved pushing Riok's buttons, and he knew a variety of ways to do that.

Conri and Riok had been good friends since they were hatchlings. They grew up together and played nearly every day, even in their adult years. After they were both mated, they still often visited each other to talk and wrestle. Their mates became friends as well through their constant contact, so the four of them would often get together with their hatchlings.

As they cut through the forest, a clearing eventually opened up to reveal a small pond. On the other side of the pond was a small cave that Conri had found the other day while exploring.

“Is this the place you were talking about?" Riok asked as he stepped up to the pond to drink.

“Yes… Yes it is." Conri's golden eyes traced over Riok's body while he had the chance to admire the bronze drake. His burnished hide was glossy and the same solid color throughout his entire body. He was a bit bigger than Conri, nearly an entire foot difference in height at their shoulders. Two pairs of black horns jutted straight out of the back of his skull, crowning him with regality. His claws and talons were the same shade of black, like sharp pieces of obsidian protruding from his toes. And a pair of large orbs dangled like fruit from a tree between his thick legs.

Ever so slightly, Riok raised his tail when he drank from the pond, keeping his balance without giving a thought to who was behind him. Though, as far as Conri knew, Riok had no idea about the golden drake's hidden desires… hidden desires that he hoped to show him soon.

Before Riok would notice Conri's staring, Conri decided to go take a drink himself. He grinned at his reflection, seeing his joyful, toothy smile beaming right back at him, distorted by the small waves. Conri thought he was rather handsome himself.

Most of his hide was a bright gold color, like the sun, but from his elbow to his forepaws his scales burned to red. His hind paws were the same color, but the crimson color stretched from his ankles instead. His toes remained the same golden color as his hide while the crimson socks wrapped up his legs. Differing from Riok, his claws and single pair of horns were white.

“So what's so special about this place?" Riok asked, looking around the clearing. He fanned out his wings and stretched them. “And why didn't we just fly here? All of that running…"

Conri chuckled and nuzzled his friend. “C'mon! It was about the adventure!" He bounced around playfully and excitedly.

Riok grinned and returned with a playful growl, nipping at Conri's neck. “You brought me here so we could play?"

Conri nodded. “And to get away from our mates for the day! I figured we could both use it."

Riok pounced on Conri and pinned the yelping dragon down. “I do need to relieve a little tension. Being around her all day gets my blood going."

Conri fought back and nibbled on Riok's neck while trying to push the larger dragon off of him. He succeeded briefly, but Riok soon flipped him right onto his back again.

“Marsali has been edgy lately," Conri began. “With the hatchlings and her heat irritating her, it was only a matter of time before she would try to strangle me!" He growled and swiftly slipped away from Riok.

Riok grinned and pounced again on the smaller dragon, dropping all of his weight onto him. “I know I can only take so much of you at a time," he retorted. Conri growled and struggled to even get him to budge. He eventually gave up and sighed with defeat—this was how most of their fights went. “I can only imagine what Marsali might feel."

Conri was breathing heavily through his nostrils and could smell Riok's musky scent tantalizing his senses. “You're too fat!" he complained.

“You're just angry because I was gifted with better genes!" Riok teased.

Conri grumbled beneath Riok, unable to move anything aside from his head, forearms, and tail. Then Riok mumbled a curse beneath his breath and climbed off of Conri, allowing the golden drake a large breath of fresh air.

Conri looked down and noticed that his pink, tapered tip was peeking from his sheath. He quickly rolled onto his side and covered it, but then he realized that Riok was having a larger issue.

Riok's fleshy cock was drooping from his sheath, half-flaccid and half-erect. Conri's eyes bulged as he stared at it with a fiery lust that he could hardly contain. He blushed profusely as his face heated warmly. His length quickly spilled from his sheath until he was harder than Riok was. Conri covered his erection from view with his tail, but Riok didn't seem to care either way, even about his own. He sat on his hind with his underbelly facing Conri, shamelessly giving his friend the perfect view of his malehood.

It was everything Conri could have wanted. Ridges lined the base of his shaft beneath his tapered tip, leading down to his half-bulging knot. Beneath that was his dangling, bulbous package. It wasn't like they had never seen each other's cocks before, but Conri's lust stirred inside him and aroused his senses. He delightedly inhaled Riok's thick scent, flaring his nostrils.

“Damn thing can't stay inside me anymore," he grumbled. “Just even the thought of mounting a female gets me going…" He poked at it and let it wobble. He looked at Conri and glanced at his rear end. “Looks like I'm not the only one!" he teased with a toothy grin.

Conri did his best not to stare at his friend's cock, but it was becoming increasingly difficult. He gulped. “Y- Yeah…"

“If you don't mind, I'm going to go relieve myself in that cave. It's about the only way it'll go back down."

Conri's eyes were transfixed on the now fully-erect cock between Riok's legs. He couldn't let this opportunity pass, and he didn't care that he may be rushing it. He stood up and walked over to Riok, swaggering with a swaying rear.

“R-Riok… I can help you with that," he said nervously. He wasn't sure how his friend would react. Riok could be very unpredictable sometimes.

“No, it's fine. I'll j—What!?" A confused expression crossed Riok's muzzle. “W- What are you talking about, Con?"

Conri didn't stop until he was almost face to face with Riok. He looked into Riok's verdant green eyes with a lustful glint in his own ruby spheres. Then his head snaked between Riok's legs until he was coiling his tongue around Riok's thick cock. Riok's intoxicating scent filled nostrils as his blunt flavor tickled his tongue.

A forepaw suddenly grasped Conri's neck, but it didn't pull or push him away. “C-C-Conri!? What are you doing?"

Conri only responded by taking Riok in his maw. The bronze dragon gasped and instinctively thrust deeper into Conri's mouth, making him gag as the tip of his cock was shoved into Conri's throat.

“S-Sorry," Riok muttered between heavy breaths.

Conri grinned and closed his eyes to focus on relaxing his jaw. His tongue coiled around his friend's cock as he suckled on it. It tasted surprisingly similar to his own, but it definitely had more of Riok's tangy flavor. Natural lubrications coated it, making it easy for Conri's tongue to slide across his sensitive flesh. Conri happily suckled and licked Riok's rod of flesh, waiting for his friend to get more comfortable.

“Oh, gods… this feels amazing, Con… but… what are you doing? We're both males."

Conri withdrew Riok's cock from his maw, letting it slide out of his mouth as he dragged his tongue across it. That received him a pleasureful moan from Riok. “I want to pleasure you," he replied seriously and grasped Riok's length with a forepaw. He began to gently stroke the bronze male, feeling his cock flex and twitch within his grasp.

“If our mates won't pleasure us, then why don't we do it ourselves?" Conri continued.

“But Conri… it doesn't work like that."

Conri shook his head and groped Riok's stones, feeling the twin orbs within his paw. “It does too! Lie on your back and I'll show you," he cooed.

Riok seemed a little reluctant, but he complied and lay down on his back, spreading is legs apart. Conri stared at his cock as he positioned himself to go down on Riok again. He couldn't believe he had gotten this far!

“Just relax, Rio," he cooed as his forepaws began to tenderly stroke and fondle Riok's genitals.

Conri heard a grumble, but Riok complied again and laid his head back as Conri began to pleasure him. He pressed his forepaw against Riok's warm flesh and stroked him up and down, letting the cock slide between his toes while his soft paw pads caressed the shaft. He worked him like that for a moment as he enjoyed pleasuring his friend.

“Hasn't Kyna given you this sort of treatment before?" Conri asked as he began playing with Riok's stones his other paw.

“Well… y- yeah," Riok responded and flexed the toes on his hind paws. His tail swished lazily back and forth between Conri's legs.

Conri was glad to see that Riok was enjoying this so far, so he decided to continue what he started. He leaned his head between Riok's bronze-scaled thighs and took a strong whiff of the male's musky aroma. Conri shuddered and pressed the tip of his snout against Riok's balls. His tongue darted out and tasted them before he began to press the flat of it against them. He slathered his tongue across the soft, skin-like scales of Riok's orbs.

As Riok moaned and expressed his pleasure, Conri's tongue traced up his balls to his cock, coiling around it. He licked beneath Riok's ridges and around his knot, often poking his tongue into the male's sheath.

“H- Have you done this before?" Riok asked.

Conri grinned. “Only with myself." Conri could tell that Riok was blushing. He was enjoying it more than Conri thought he would, and that made him happy.

“You're really g- good at it," he complimented encouragingly.

“I think I've learned a thing or two from Marsali." Conri smiled and took Riok into his warm, moist maw. This time Riok had a bit more control and didn't buck his hips, allowing Conri to let his cock slide deeper and deeper into his mouth while his tongue coiled and rubbed his flesh.

Riok moaned and winced with pleasure, encouraging Conri for more. Conri let his jaw relax and began to slowly bob his head on the bronze drake's thick cock. He was careful to keep it from jabbing into his teeth. Conri held the base of Riok's length around his knot, steadying it. His one forepaw continued to grope and massage Riok's plumb orbs while his maw enclosed around his flesh.

As Conri pleasured Riok, he could feel his own cock twitching needily. He was tempted to masturbate while he went down on Riok, but he decided to save it, hoping that Riok wouldn't mind continuing after this.

With Riok's cock in his mouth, Conri steadily and rhythmically bobbed his head, feeling the bronze's length slide in and out of his maw. His tapered tip pressed into his throat each time Conri went down on him. Conri slurped and suckled on Riok's cock with all sorts of lewd sounds while taking him up to the knot.

Conri groaned with pleasure, feeling arousal clouding his mind. He had been waiting so long to try this with Riok, and now it was finally happening. He blushed profusely as he took Riok in his mouth. He licked and sucked on his friend's cock, enjoying pleasuring the bronze.

And Riok seemed to be enjoying it immensely! His groans and gasps were numerous and mixing in with Conri's slurping sounds. Hearing Riok elicit his pleasure only spurred Conri's lust. Riok squirmed and flared his wings while clenching his toes, enraptured with bliss.

Conri tasted a bit of Riok's seed on his tongue as pre drizzled out of his tapered tip. Conri licked at Riok's sensitive tip with the back of his tongue, trying to coax more of his tangy flavor out. He bobbed his head faster, encouraged by Riok's pleasureful moans.

“Nnngh… Con, I'm c- close!" Riok warned as he began to gently thrust deeper into Conri's mouth.

Conri closed his eyes again, relishing in the feeling of Riok's thick cock pushing into his throat. He breathed heavily out of his mouth and blew warm air over Riok's slick flesh in an attempt to draw out his friend's pleasure.

As Riok groaned and arched his back, his cock began to pulse and jump within Conri's mouth. The first and second thick rope of his warm seed splattered into the back of Conri's throat. Conri coughed and withdrew the member from his mouth as the third string spewed from Riok's cock and drizzled onto Conri's snout. Conri cooed happily, licking Riok's cock up and down while it continued to spill his seed onto the golden drake's muzzle. He held the throbbing cock firmly in his forepaws and let it ejaculate freely into the air and on his face. He nuzzled it and inhaled deeply, breathing in the powerful scent that made his head spin with lust.

Riok moaned and writhed as his orgasm coursed through his entire body. Conri grinned. He continued to stroke and grope his friend while giving a few licks up his shaft until Riok's climax came to a satisfying end. Riok sighed happily and relaxed while his golden-scaled friend continued to clean him.

“G- gods, Con… That felt amazing." Riok twitched and squirmed, groaning a bit as Conri tickled his sensitive flesh.

Conri grinned and chuckled, withdrawing from his bronze-scaled friend. With a lustful glint in his eyes, he asked, “Are you ready for more?"

Riok's eyes grew wide as Conri turned around and lifted his rear, presenting to him. His cock was about the average size, had a tapered tip, and it was smooth along his shaft. Conri knew he wasn't nearly as endowed as Riok, but he hoped that the bronze would still feel a little lust stir inside him. Then again, Riok didn't have the same interests as Conri.

The golden drake wiggled his hips, letting his loose balls and erect length shake freely as he spread his legs apart and raised his tail. A string of pre drizzled from his tip and disappeared into the grass. He looked back at Riok and cooed encouragingly. Riok's seed was still dripping off his muzzle.

But Riok hesitated. “Y- You want me to mate you?" he asked with uncertainty.

Conri nodded and smiled toothily. “C'mon, Rio! It will feel just like taking a female."

He knelt his torso down and held his rear in the air while exposing his tailhole to Riok. To his delight, Riok was staring beneath Conri's tail and looking at his presenting hind as he approached. As the bronze climbed on top of the golden drake, Conri shuddered. Riok pushed his tail to the side, and a hind paw clenched his rear. Riok brought his hips up, and Conri could feel his cock poking and sliding against his rump, searching for his entrance.

Conri adjusted a bit and felt Riok's tapered tip find his tailhole. Riok pushed into the golden drake, and his cock suddenly slipped inside. Conri gasped and groaned, his claws clenching the ground. He relaxed his muscles, allowing Riok's member to slide into his rear. He winced as pain mixed with pleasure. Riok's cock slid deeper into him, spreading Conri's tight passage until his knot pressed firmly against his entrance. He heard Riok groan with pleasure as his claws clenched his golden hide.

“Oh yes… That's it, Rio…"

“I said not to call me that," Riok grumbled and dug his claws threateningly into Conri's hide.

Conri grinned and chuckled, blushing warmly as Riok's cock pushed into his anal passage. This was everything Conri could have wanted. He could feel his friend's hard thickness buried deep inside his rear. As Riok began to pull out, the gold moaned his lust, feeling his friend's cock gripping and sliding out of his rear until just the tip remained.

Then Riok thrust back in with a growl. Conri felt his own cock throb with delight, and more pre dripped onto the ground. His muscles clenched the cock briefly before he relaxed them again. Riok started a steady rhythm, humping his golden friend with grunts and growls as their bodies rocked back and forth.

Conri blushed warmly, quietly gasping and moaning his pleasure as Riok's cock massaged his anal passage. He could feel it pushing and sliding against sensitive spots inside his rear. His maw hung partially open as he breathed deeply in and out. He could hear Riok's pleasure-filled grunts and growls as the bronze bent over the gold and thrust in and out of him.

“F- Faster, Rio," Conri pleaded. Riok happily obliged. Conri groaned loudly as their hips met with lewd smacks. Riok pounded against him, giving Conri much more than he asked for. Bliss, pleasure, and pain mingled together and made Conri feel absolutely ecstatic. Being taken by Riok felt much better than what he had imagined.

Riok's large girth pushed and spread Conri's rear apart with every thrust. The golden drake clenched the ground tightly and submitted to his bronze-scaled friend, allowing his body to move and flow with Riok's. Each drive sent pleasure tickling up his spine while his loins warmed.

It wasn't long before Riok doubled his efforts. With lustful growls and grunts, the bronze slammed his hips into Conri's. He pushed the golden drake's torso to the ground and lifted his rear with every strong thrust.

Conri gasped and laid his head flat on the ground as his rear was pounded by the larger male. He moaned loudly as he felt Riok's knot threatening to slip in. Conri worried that the knot may hurt, but he was too enraptured to really care. He simply submitted to Riok, taking his thrusts with pleasure. He could already feel his climax nearing as the bronze's thick cock rubbed his insides. Pre constantly dripped from his tip, spilling onto the ground in lengthy strings.

Then Riok growled loudly as his claws dug into Conri's golden hide. His wings flared as his hips slammed into Conri's a few more times before his knot slipped inside. Conri cried out with pain and pleasure as the thick, bulging knot spread apart his tailhole and Riok's entirety filled him. Riok's balls smashed against Conri's rump as he hilted him completely.

Riok moan-roared his pleasure as his large cock began throbbing inside the smaller drake. Thick ropes of his seed filled Conri's passage, splattering against his walls with each ejaculation. Conri winced and gasped as Riok's warmth filled him. He could feel each throb of Riok's length pushing apart his tight, constricting passage.

Conri cried out his lusts as his orgasm suddenly flowed through him. His muscles clenched and rapidly pulsated around Riok's throbbing cock as Conri's own member began to throb. His seed spilled from his tip onto the ground. He felt some strings splatter on his belly scales. Conri moaned again, feeling nothing but absolute bliss and ecstasy as his climax coursed through his tingling body.

Hearing Riok's moans and feeling his orgasm made Conri blush profusely. It felt good to have brought his friend to another climax. The other male's warm seed oozed inside Conri's tailhole, trapped by the knot swelling inside it.

Conri wasn't sure how long their orgasms lasted, but they both ended about nearly the same time. Riok sighed with relief and slightly backed off of Conri and removed most of his weight, withdrawing his hind paw from Conri's golden rump. But Conri just rested as he was as satisfaction overwhelmed him with delight. They were both panting heavily. He could still feel Riok's thick entirety buried deep inside him along with all of his spilled seed sloshing around. He felt sore, but it was a good feeling.

Riok licked Conri's neck affectionately. “I never knew this would feel so good." He rolled his hips a bit, making Conri shudder.

Conri chuckled and nodded. “Neither did I!"

Riok licked Conri's shoulders and then tugged his knot out of Conri's rear. Conri winced and groaned, feeling the swollen muscle pull on him until it popped out with an audible squelch. He felt Riok's seed spill from his rear and drip down his rump until it plopped to the ground. Conri sighed with satisfaction. His legs trembled, so he laid himself down on his side, breathing deeply in and out. He kept his legs spread and his drooping flesh exposed.

“Worn out, huh?" Riok teased as he flopped on top of his gold friend.

Conri groaned and growled playfully. “Maybe a little bit! It's hard holding your fat ass up, you know," he retorted with a grin.

Riok laughed and licked his seed off of Conri's face and. “But you seemed to enjoy every bit of it."

Conri bared a toothy smile and nibbled him. “Of course I did."

Riok pinned Conri on his back and stood between his legs. Both of their cocks were still exposed, dangling somewhat limply from their sheaths. Surprisingly, Riok didn't seem to mind it at all. After he cleaned Conri's face, he just nibbled and licked Conri's exposed neck while the golden drake playfully pawed at him.

“So," Riok began, “d- did it really feel that good?"

A big grin spread Conri's lips. Riok was far more interested and curious than he had ever imagined. Conri decided to press him further, since he was given the perfect opportunity. He brought a hind paw up and gently caressed Riok's dangling cock. He squeezed it with his golden toes and stroked him slowly, playing with the soft member.

Riok groaned and instinctively thrust between his toes as his Conri's hind paw pleasured him. His flesh was slick and warm to the touch.

Conri answered, “Yes, it did." He groped Riok's testicles with his other hind paw, massaging them with his toes. Riok's cock slowly hardened in his grasp as he stroked him back and forth. “Would you like to find out?"

Riok paused for a moment, looking into Conri's golden spheres. “I… I think I would," he answered uncertainly.

Conri smiled and affectionately caressed Riok's forearms while he fondled him with his hind paws. He could feel the bronze's cock erect again as his length slid along his paw pads.

“Well, I could use a little attention to get ready… if you don't mind," Conri replied slyly, gesturing to his flaccid length flat against his belly.

Riok bent his head down and looked between their legs. He nodded and backed off, his attention focusing on the exposed flesh protruding from Conri's sheath.

Riok pawed at Conri's cock, testing the waters as he stroked Conri up and down. He looked up with a questioning expression at Conri. Conri cooed happily and nodded, watching as his friend brought his snout down to his balls and licked them. He clenched his toes and moaned lightly. Having Riok's tongue lick him there sent chills up Conri's spine. Then he shuddered as Riok vigorously lapped at Conri's flaccid length, coaxing it to harden. Arousal clouded Conri's mind as he closed his eyes and laid back. He allowed the bronze to tongue at his flesh and spread his legs, enjoying every thrilling second of it.

As Conri's cock quickly became erect, Riok seemed to get more eager. His tongue coiled around the gold's shaft while his paws massaged the soft orbs beneath it. Then Riok suddenly took Conri in his warm, steamy maw. Conri gasped as his toes curled, pleasure spiking and filling him with lust.

“Oh yes, Rio! That feels so good!" Conri looked down between his legs and saw his cock lodged in Rio's mouth, his knot pressing against his lips. The larger dragon had no problem taking Conri's length and could probably take his knot too if he wanted to.

Conri blushed warmly as Riok suckled on his cock. He could feel the bronze's tongue curling around his shaft and pleasuring him while his flesh was buried inside Riok's hot, moist maw. Conri's forepaws curled at his chest as he moaned softly closed his eyes.

Then, to Conri's disappointment, Riok withdrew the cock from his mouth and let it fall against the gold's belly. When Conri opened his eyes, ready to complain, his jaw hung loose as he saw Riok turned around and presenting to him.

Riok lifted his thick tail and bent his torso down. With his hind legs spread apart, Conri had the perfect view of the bronze's rear. His balls wiggled back and forth with his hips as Riok invited the golden drake to mount him.

Conri immediately jumped to his paws and approached Riok's hind. His snout brushed against the bronze's dangling balls, taking a quick lick before he climbed up onto Riok. As Conri brought his hips forward, he slid his torso on Riok's back. Since Riok was taller, Conri had to stretch to clasp the bronze's rump with his hind paw. He grabbed Riok's belly with his forepaws and pulled himself up until his cock prodded for Riok's tailhole.

“Will it hurt?" Riok asked uncertainly as Conri mounted him.

A smirk spread Conri's lips. “Only if you want it to. Just try and relax," he cooed as he pressed his tapered tip into Riok's entrance. Conri shuddered as he slipped inside the bronze's tight rear. Riok gasped and his muscles clenched tightly around the gold's penetrating flesh.

Conri comfortingly licked Riok's shoulder blade and cooed encouragingly to him again. “Just relax, Rio." He wanted nothing more than to take his bronze friend, but he wanted him to enjoy it as well. Once Riok relaxed, Conri inched his way inside his warm, soft passage, feeling his cock spreading the bronze's rear. Natural lubricants eased his entry, and his cock pushed in until his knot pressed firmly beneath Riok's tail.

Riok groaned and tensed beneath Conri as the golden drake allowed his friend to adjust. Conri could feel Riok's muscles tightening and relaxing while he accustomed himself to the gold's length. He reached a forepaw below Riok's belly and found his erect cock. Conri stroked Riok's length, making the bronze shudder and growl with lust. He smiled at his friend's pleasureful sounds and caressed his flesh back and forth.

As Conri began to pull out, Riok moaned and gasped. Conri felt his cock sliding out of Riok's soft passage while it gently tugged on his walls. Riok's length jumped in Conri's paw as his muscles suddenly tightened again and then relaxed. Just before Conri's tapered tip slipped out, he thrust back in, quicker this time. He repeated the motion and grunted with Riok, soon beginning to gently hump the bronze.

Conri blushed profusely as pleasure warmed his body. He held Riok tightly, moaning into his ear as he took the bronze beneath him. He gripped Riok's cock firmly while he jerked him off. Riok's slick cock slid back and forth within Conri's soft paws, throbbing in time with his anal muscles.

Compared to mating with Marsali, Conri thought that this felt just as good. Sure, he'd prefer his mate over Riok any day, but this was the best he could get right now, and it was a good release of tension. And by the sounds of it, it seemed that Riok was enjoying himself too!

Riok grunted and groaned as Conri mated him. His body rocked back and forth with the gold's thrusts, and their hips were soon slapping together as Conri increased his speed. Conri's hind paw clenched Riok's rump tightly as he pulled himself into the bronze drake, giving more drive in his thrusts. He panted heavily, gasping and cooing into Riok's ear while he nuzzled his friend.

Conri could feel his length slipping in and out of Riok's tight rear, massaging the bronze's passage. He rubbed and stroked Riok's length continually to pleasure him, listening to the lustful growls coming from his friend. As much as Conri enjoyed receiving pleasure, he enjoyed giving it more. Hearing Riok's elicited pleasure only encouraged him more.

As Conri's instincts begin to cloud his mind in a thick haze, he begins to thrust harder and faster into Riok's hind. Their bodies jounced back and forth as Conri humped Riok harder, giving more drive in his thrusts. He brought his other hind paw up and held tightly to a crook in Riok's hind leg. With his entire body held up by the bronze, Conri began to forcefully pound against Riok, their hips slapping together wetly as Conri's length slammed into his friend's rear. The gold's knot threatened to slip inside Riok, pushing firmly against his tailhole.

Riok grunted and moaned loudly, wincing as he took every strong drive of Conri's hips. His claws gouged the ground as he braced himself. Conri withdrew his paw from Riok's cock and nearly pushed Riok's torso in the ground as he held onto the bronze's shoulders. Conri grunted with each thrust as he pounded against Riok as pleasure bloomed in the back of his skull.

Conri growled in a lustful fit and slammed down hard on Riok, his knot suddenly popping inside the bronze's rear. Riok cried out beneath him and groaned as Conri's knot swelled and tugged inside him. Conri winced and whined, feeling Riok's tight muscles clamp down hard on his entirety. He suddenly felt his climax hit, moaning as the first strings of his seed paint Riok's passage.

Riok's muscles began pulsating as he roared his pleasure and pain while burying his head against the ground. Conri felt his friend's orgasm coursing around his throbbing length, making him blush heatedly as the pressure inside his loins was released. He stopped humping Riok and reached between his legs again, finding the bronze's throbbing cock. He grabbed it and stroked it as his warm, gooey seed coated his paw and made his grasp slick around his flesh.

Conri rode out his climax moaning and gasping as his entirety pulsated inside Riok's rear, filling him with Conri's warm cum. Riok growled and groaned as he spilled his seed onto the ground and into Conri's paw. Copious ropes of the gold's seed spewed into Riok's passage until Conri finally came down from his climax.

Conri panted heavily and raggedly and his grip on Riok slipped. He lay limp on top of the bronze as he sighed with satisfaction. Riok likewise collapsed onto his belly, bringing Conri down with him.

Conri basked in the ecstatic feelings lifting him, nuzzling and licking Riok's neck affectionately. “That felt amazing, Rio. Did… did you like it?"

Riok turned his head and looked admiringly at Conri with a soft grin spreading his lips. “I've never felt anything quite like that… it felt really good."

Conri grinned happily and locked Riok's snout. “Can we do this again sometime?" he asked, hoping that this wasn't a one-time thing.

Riok eagerly nodded. “Just don't tell Kyna! She'd kill me if she found out that we mated."

Conri laughed and nuzzled Riok. “I won't tell a soul." He looked forward to mating with Riok again, and he could hardly wait until the next time!
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Re: Heads and Tails (NSFW)

Post by Saffron » July 6th, 2016, 10:06 am

My oh my, this was a very good story! Good work on the imagery, and the plot as well.

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Re: Heads and Tails (NSFW)

Post by Saber » July 6th, 2016, 5:29 pm

Saffron wrote:My oh my, this was a very good story! Good work on the imagery, and the plot as well.
Thank you! ^-^
Hello! Dragon here. Rawr!

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Re: Heads and Tails (NSFW)

Post by Kroren » July 8th, 2016, 6:12 pm

Very nice! Very good job putting lots of detail! Makes me want to go and mate right now... ;)

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Re: Heads and Tails (NSFW)

Post by Saber » July 8th, 2016, 7:01 pm

Kroren wrote:Very nice! Very good job putting lots of detail! Makes me want to go and mate right now... ;)
Thank you! ^-^ I do try to use as much detail as necessary, though I sometimes feel that I don't give enough. X3
Hello! Dragon here. Rawr!

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