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On Writing: The Herpy Way!

A little corner for all of us who likes to paint with words and create wonderful and magical worlds with no other tool than a pen.
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On Writing: The Herpy Way!

Post by Koatliqua » October 5th, 2016, 9:21 pm

Hello everyone! I am one of those eccentric types who just cannot put down pen and paper, or more recently, keep away from Microsoft Word!

Everyone has their own way of writing. And I imagine everyone has their own sources of inspiration. I thought: Why not share them? It could be a good way to inspire your fellow writer, as we seem to have a few here.

Please be kind, and share your writing tips and advice, what works for you, and help inspire your fellow artists.

My first piece of advice would be to always believe in what you are writing. It may be a piece of crap to everybody else, but unless you write what you love, and love what you write, how are you ever to write at all? Weave your world free of negative influence.

Imagine: If not for this advice, I may have never filled my worlds with the scalie lizard-folk who have told so many stories and entertained my friends and I so much.
Like dew or a flash of lightning;
Thus we shall perceive them.

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