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"writters only" creativity block :/

A little corner for all of us who likes to paint with words and create wonderful and magical worlds with no other tool than a pen.
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"writters only" creativity block :/

Post by ShyneSilverWolf » December 9th, 2016, 3:58 pm

(help anyone? "Heis's story) *Blood blossom* Prologue "stars tied"

Once in a beautiful day where the sun shines, the birds sing and the humans fight, a beautiful wolf puppy was born in a abandoned house, now occupied by a family of wolves, his mother and father perished when they're trying to defend their house, leaving the little puppy by himself.
he learned how to search the house for food and water that were left in the place....he lived peacefully and calmly, barking at the birds that passes by, howling at the moon light and whining as he waited for his parents to come back, once a meteor crashed nearby the house, the wolf was scared and afflicted, he didn't know what to do since his parents never taught him how to hunt.
Hours after the crash, he decided to leave the house and search for himself what that huge noise could've been....after hours of walking onto the woods, he founded a small ignited rock, he approached the scorched the land carefully as he slowly reached the small rock.
With his soft nose he poked the rock and waited to see if the rock reacted, after a few seconds the rock reproduced a voice message..."rrrrrrrrrrrrr.....*beep* he-hello...I'm leaving this message to other humans, I've found This artifact floating in space, looks like a rose but it isn't what it looks, be careful when studying this.dan-".
The wolf puppy come and swallowed the small rock stoping the rest of the message, he then returned to his house for a rest before hours of waking in woods.
Some days have passed he started to feel a bit dizzy, and confused, he rushed at the tap to drink some water and see if the feeling stops but hours and hours came through as he was still feeling sick, he laid on his back and whined loud wishing for help, then he slowly closed his eyes listening to some footsteps after fainting.

"in place far way from there a beautiful dog was born in a lab, it was a medical clinic for animals his fur was soft as plume with a different color from all the others, he was a blue akita, different from all species ever seen by humans, scared of the natural surreality, humans took him to the experiment lab, he was roughly studied and watched closely everyday.
After days of being annoyed, the blue akita decided to escape that lab and live a life oh his own, he waited till night time arrived, he started to look or a way out from the lab, trapped inside a small cage, he decided to chew the bars in his cage, lucky he've found one rusty bar, with determination and hatred in his eyes, he destroyed the bar with his muzzle, chewing it out of the way.

well, there it goes the prologue of my story, anyone that wants to help in any form, please message, i'm still learning over to write a proper sweet story.
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