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Lovesick (NSFW)

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Lovesick (NSFW)

Post by Spikynator » January 31st, 2017, 5:56 am

Hey, everyone! So, during my free time this year, I've decided to come up with a story with one of my characters, Cyland X'vol, and I'm also using one of my best friends characters, Coryn, which is Cyland's actual mate!! The story is about the struggle Cyland and Coryn have to deal with after the arrival of Raen, Cyland's childhood friend, who's presence was forgotten by Cy for decades and suddenly comes back to reunite with him, but things take a slight turn for the worst...

Anyways, I hope you like reading the story I've come up with and hopefully I'll be able to keep writing more soon! Enjoy!! :D

[Edit: I'm having quite a few issues IRL that prevent me from continuing the story, unfortunately. I don't think I'll be uploading next chapter soon, or anytime at all, so I'm guessing this is all I might write of the story :( ]

Chapter one:

It was almost night-time, and just outside, right in front of the Hotel entrance, Cyland lands from a quick flight as he was giving his best friend, Spikes, a ride to that certain place. “Thanks a lot for the ride, Cy.” The yellow crocodile said, slowly crawling down the black and red drake. “No problem, I’m always happy to help.” Cyland said, smiling at Spikes. The croc smiles back at the dragon, and then waves goodbye to him as he makes his way inside the hotel, while Cyland watches and then takes flight, heading towards his home.

A couple of minutes later, Cyland reaches his cave, located not too far away from the city, where most anthropomorphic and smaller creatures live, but not too close either as the noises of traffic and city lights kind of disturbed him. As soon as he enters the cave, he sees a gray and green scaled, with green and orange stripes across his four legs, and also muscular dragon sitting on the ground of what seemed to be the living room of the cave, watching tv.

“Coryn!!” Cyland yells as he quickly sprints towards him and gives Coryn a big and lovely hug. The other drake didn’t even had the chance to look to his side before realizing he was already being hugged. “Oh, Cyland! Hi, baby! Didn’t see you coming, hehe.” Coryn said, giving Cyland a hug as well and nuzzling him affectionately. They both kept hugging each other for a couple of seconds, then they withdraw and give each other a lovely kiss.

“I missed you so much, babe. How was your day at work?” Cyland asked, leaning his head towards Coryn’s neck and laying on it. “Meh… it was okay, I guess… We had a lot of deliveries to make today, and our boss wanted us to do every single one of them as soon as possible…” Coryn said, nuzzling the black drake once more as they watch tv together. “Oh, I see… I’m guessing you’re really tired then.” Cyland said, looking up to Coryn. “Yeah, I actually am, I might even go to sleep once this show’s over, I just want to sleep for days right now, hehe…” He responded, while Cyland smiles a bit and nuzzles Coryn’s neck gently. “Do you want something to eat or drink before going to bed?” He asks. “Nah, I’m good, besides, I don’t want my mate to do work for this lazy lizard.” Coryn responded. “I don’t mind, sweetheart, I’ll do anything for you.” Cyland stated, kissing Coryn’s cheek. “And I would do anything for you as well, honey.” Coryn stated, kissing Cy’s forehead.

They both hugged once again and nuzzled each other affectionately for a while, and eventually later in the night, they were both already in bed sleeping together. The next day, as Cyland slowly yawns and stretches while waking up, he noticed that Coryn was gone for work already, even thought he was early for today’s shift. “Huh… I guess babe has a lot to do today for heading out so early.” He told to himself, later standing up from the bed and walking away from the room. He walked through the cavern that connects the bedroom to the living room and head towards what seemed to be the kitchen area of the cave, which was a small cavern with cabinets made mostly of wood and ledges overhanging from the rocky walls of that cavern. As soon as he enters the kitchen area, Cyland sees a plate of perfectly cooked beef standing besides the sink in the middle with a note sticking from the edge. “Oh, he did not just…” Cyland told to himself as he walks towards the plate and reads the note.

-Sorry I couldn’t be this morning with you, baby, but I hope you enjoy the breakfast I made for you. I love you.-

“Awww… Babe… You didn’t have to…” He said, his heart warming up already. Cyland takes the plate with the beef and walks towards the living room with a smile on his face, and as soon as he sits and places the plate down, he slowly starts to eat the beef. “Oh, babe, this tastes so good! Thank you.” He said, knowing that somehow Coryn would feel his gratitude for the delicious breakfast.

Hours later, early in the afternoon, Cyland was watching his favorite cartoons in the living room, resting on the ground as he didn’t have a couch to sit on, he and his mate agreed that they don’t need one, when suddenly…

“Hello!?” A voice from outside was heard. Cyland quickly focused his attention to the voice and peeked at the entrance of the cave, but couldn’t really see anybody, so he quickly stood up and started walking towards it. “Yes? Who’s there?” Cyland asked, but no answer was heard. He kept walking until he eventually exited his home, and then he saw a bright red dragon standing besides the entrance, facing away from him.

“Umm… Hi…?” Cyland said, quite curious to know who is the red dragon and what was he doing there. Slowly, the red drake started turning around, and soon showed his face to Cyland, showing surprise as he saw the black and red dragon. “Oh, hello there… I’m sorry if I startled you, but I am looking for someone that lives nearby.” The drake said, seeming to had calmed down for whatever reason he was surprised about. “Oh, that’s okay. Who are you looking for?” Cyland asked curiously. “I am looking for a dragon named… Cyland…” The drake responded, Cyland being the one showing surprise now. “Wait… That’s me. I’m Cyland.” He said, this response making the red dragon happy. “Heh, you’re more cuter than I remember.” He said.

“Hold on… What now? Do you know me from somewhere?” Cyland asked very curiously and somewhat frightened. “Of course I do… You were my best friend when we were hatchlings.” The drake answered happily, Cyland becoming even more surprised. “Ha- Hatchlings…? No way… That can’t be…” He stated. “What’s the matter? Did you forgot who I am?” The drake asked curiously. “N- No… I still remember you! You’re … You’re Raen! I remember you!” Cyland answered, completely in shock of seeing a friend after a very long time.

Raen smiles as Cyland remembers him. “Nice! I’m glad to hear you still remember my name.” He claims, walking closer towards Cyland. “You have no idea how much I missed you, Cy. I really, really missed you.” Raen stated, already close enough to Cyland. “I missed you too, Raen. I’m happy to see you again.” Cyland said, smiling.

“Do you want to come in? We can talk inside, if you like.” Cyland asked. “Sure! Let’s go.” Raen answered. They both walked inside the cave and settled in the living room, sitting in front of each other. “So, how did you know I lived here?” Cy asked, tilting his head in curiosity. “Oh... well... I have my contacts.” Raen answered, smiling a bit nervously, said behavior noticed by Cy. “Oh, I see…” Cyland becomes a bit suspicious of Raen, but keeps his composure. “I talked to a bunch of dragons and other creatures, and ended up here, with you! I’m so happy right now.” Raen stated. “Right…” Cyland said, scratching under his maw. Then, Raen decides to take a look around the cave, moving his head in different directions.

“Huh… This is a nice, place, Cy. I like it. You live here alone?” Raen asks. “No, I don’t. I live here with my mate.” Cyland responds, Raen seeming to be surprised from said response. “Mate? You have a mate?” Raen asks curiously. “Yes, I have a mate, he’s a wonderful and loving mate! The best mate anyone could ever ask for! Too bad he isn’t here for you to meet him.” Cyland responded, a sudden smile appeared on his face as he thinks about Coryn, while Raen didn’t seemed to be pleased with this. “Sure, if you say so…” Raen said, showing a bit of a small frown. “Anyways, Cy, I would really like to keep talking with you, but… I gotta go now and do some… stuff at home.” He stated, standing up slowly. “Already? But you just got here.” Cyland said, making a disappointed face. “I know, but I remembered just now that I had things to do. I’ll come back later and we can talk more, alright?” Raen stated, walking away with a bit of a hurry. “Aww… Alright, then. See ya!” Cy said, waving a paw and watching as Raen leaves.

“Hmm… This was interesting…” Cyland admitted, tilting his head and shrugging. Meanwhile, as Raen leaves the place, he stops a few meters away from Cyland’s home and looks back at it. “Damn… he’s so beautiful… but unfortunately, he's taken... I honestly cannot believe this...” He said to himself. “I wonder who his mate is. I bet he’s an ugly son of a bitch I can replace easily.” Raen turns his head back to normal as he keeps talking to himself. “Hmm... I wonder how long they’ve been mates... I wonder how easy I can get rid of him... I must get to know him soon. I’ll come back tomorrow and see if he’s there.” Raen smirks, and then he proceeds to walk away with the same expression.

Another couple of hours passed, and Cyland seemed to be watching tv again while eating some popcorn, also thinking about Raen. “Raen acted kinda strange after I mentioned I had a mate… Was he jealous…?” Cyland asked to himself, but then shook his head sideways. “No, that can’t be. He’s not gay, not that I remember.” He giggles a bit as he says this. After this, Cyland heard a pair of wings flapping from outside and stopping suddenly, telling him someone was outside, and soon he realized it was his mate as he walks in.

“Babe! You’re back! And quite early, I see.” Cyland stated, a big smile foformed on his face. “Hi, baby! And yeah, I woke up early and asked for an earlier shift just to spend more time with you this evening.” Coryn admitted, sitting right next to Cyland. “Aww, really? That’s so sweet of you.” Cy stated, nuzzling Coryn’s neck affectionately, while Coryn nuzzles back on Cyland’s forehead. Cyland stretches his arms around Coryn and quickly hugs him, giving him a kiss on his cheek afterwards, while Coryn extends a wing around Cy and covers him like a blanket. “I love you so much…” Cyland admitted, smiling at his mate. “And I love you too, baby…” Coryn admitted, smiling back. Then, they each lean their heads forwards and give each other a long and passionate kiss, locking maws and cuddling each other as they kiss.

A few seconds after kissing, Coryn withdraws and cuddles Cyland’s head tenderly. “Baby… I want to ask you something I’ve been wanting to ask for so long right now.” Coryn stated, smiling. “Really? What is it, sweetheart?” Cyland asks, while Coryn stands up and retracts his wing from Cy. “Follow me, I’ll tell you at our bedroom.” Coryn answered, slowly walking away through the rocky hallway and heading towards the bedroom. Cyland tilts his head curiously as Coryn leaves and then starts to follow him, both of them reaching the bedroom in less than a minute. “What’s the matter, babe?” Cyland asked, watching Coryn climb to bed from the left side and laying down sideways, facing Cy directly. “Lay down.” That’s all Coryn said. Cyland makes a worried face, thinking something was wrong, but he still obeys Coryn and lays down sideways as well, facing Coryn from the right side of the bed.

“Is everything okay, Coryn? You’re worrying me…” Cy stated, while Coryn puts a paw on Cy’s face and cuddles it slowly. “Everything is fine, honey, I just wanted to ask you something very important.” Coryn answered, smiling. “Well, tell me already, please.” Cyland demanded, while Coryn chuckles. “I just wanted to ask you if…” Coryn said, stopping midway as his paw stops cuddling Cy’s face and places it on Cyland’s hindleg. “Ask me what?” Cyland asked, feeling quite curious yet worried, while Coryn chuckles again and gives Cy a big smirk.

“I wanted to ask you if you wanted to mate with me…” Coryn stated, stroking slightly Cyland’s hindleg, while the black drake gets surprised and blushes a lot. “You… You want to… mate with me…?” Cyland asked nervously while blushing deeply. “Yes, Cyland. I think it’s time I show you how much I love you.” Coryn answered, quickly pushing himself towards Cyland and soon laying on top of him. Cyland blushes even more as Coryn lays on top of him in a very suggestive way. “Oh, babe… I… I’ve never done this before… I don’t know what to say…” Cyland admitted, while Coryn smirks at him and cuddles his face. “Don’t worry, my love… I’ll take it easy on you at first, and then I’ll make you scream and beg for my cock…” Coryn stated, smirking more as Cyland keeps blushing more.

Coryn grinds his crotch against Cyland’s, slowly making himself excited as Cyland looks at him and blushes. “Babe…” Cyland said, gasping slowly as he feels something touching his crotch area. Coryn’s pink tip was already exposed and poking around between Cyland’s hindlegs, making the gray dragon smirk and continue grinding against his mate. Cyland raises his forepaws and wraps them around Coryn, hugging him, while Coryn repeats his movements and makes himself more and more excited. Soon, his entire cock was exposed, the long and thick member scrolling between Cyland's hindlegs, making the black dragon slightly nervous, but also slightly excited.

“Oh my… I can feel how big it is…” Cyland admitted, looking at Coryn as he smirks down to him. “Indeed it is, and you’ll love it…” Coryn stated, giving his mate a kiss to his lips, making Cyland smile. Then, Coryn wiggles his hips slightly as he tries to find the entrance of Cyland's tailhole with his long shaft, and soon he does. The pink meat slowly slides his way into Cy’s rump as Coryn pushes it, making Cyland blush and moan in slight pleasure. “Oh… Babe…” Cyland says, hugging his mate a bit tightly as he feels Coryn's big length sliding through him, quite enjoying the sensation of it.

“Mmmm… Damn, baby, you’re tight, hehe…” Coryn admits, soon the entirety of his length inside Cyland, only his knot left out for now. “How does it feel? You like it?” Coryn asks, leaning his head forwards and kissing Cyland’s neck passionately. “I… Yeah… I kinda like it…” He answers, cuddling Coryn during the hug and blushing a bit. “That’s good, baby…” Coryn said, now pulling his cock out from Cyland. The black durg feels this as well and moans a bit from the slight pleasure it gives him, while Coryn stops backing away his cock right before the tip of his cock leaves the entrance, and then, he pushes it back slowly. After this, Coryn starts repeating these movements, starting a slow and passionate mating with Cyland.

“Mmmm… Gosh, that feels good…” Coryn admitted as he slowly keeps thrusting into his mate. He also continues to kiss Cyland’s neck sensually while Cy keeps hugging him and moaning in pleasure. “Yeah… It feels so… amazing…” Cy stated, making Coryn smile and continue with his thrusts. Seconds later, Coryn’s excitement and pleasure increases, making him pick up a bit of speed with his movements. Cyland notices the change of speed and his moanings become a bit louder and he starts gasping as his own pleasure rises as well. He hugs Coryn a bit more tightly and spreads his own hindlegs apart to stimulate his own excitement. “Mmph…! Oh, Coryn…!” He says, his eyes closing and focusing on the pleasure, while Coryn continues exploring Cyland’s tight walls with his shaft.

“You’re so beautiful, Cyland…” Coryn stated, leaning his head back and staring down at the blushing and moaning black dragon. “You’re beautiful… as well, babe…” Cyland said, opening his eyes a bit and looking up to his handsome mate. They both stare passionately at each other as Coryn keeps thrusting his member into his mate and Cyland cuddles the muscular body of his mate. Then, the gray drake leans forwads towards Cyland’s lips and makes out with him, locking maws with Cyland and kissing passionately as they mate. The intense kiss lasts for almost a minute before Coryn withdraws and smirks again at Cyland, right before he picks up more speed with his thrust and now mates with Cyland at a moderate tempo.

“Uhh… Babe…! Ohh, yeah…” Cyland says, his moans and gasps intensifying as the faster thrusts increases his own pleasure and excitement, also noticing that his own black member was erect and dripping precum into his belly. Coryn drips some pre as well, using it as lube and making the thrusts more smoother. “Damn… Oh, yeah…!” He said, his mind filling with lust and slowly loosing control of himself. At this point, Coryn is enjoying this so much that he can’t resist the urge to go faster, and he quickly does, increasing his thrusting speed and pleasure for the couple. Cyland’s moans get louder and his gasps become pants as his pleasure rises more and more as the thrusts get faster and harder. “Babe…! Oh my… Oh, yeah…!” He screamed, enjoying this even more and hugging Coryn tighter, almost clenching his claws into Coryn’s back. Coryn leans his head down again and gives Cyland a hard bite on his neck, showing off his dominance and great pleasure towards the black dragon. Cyland gives a small scream from the pain the bite gave him, but he seems to also enjoy it, doing absolutely nothing to resist, and Coryn takes advantage of this to please himself more and more with Cyland.

“Oh, crap…!! Oh my God… Mmmmph...!! Babe…!!” Cyland screams, completely enjoying the mating session with his beloved mate, meanwhile Coryn keeps erratically thrusting and biting harder into his mate, as he realizes his climax was approaching. The muscular gray dragon does the best he can to thrust roughly and quickly into his mate to reach maximum pleasure for both of them, while Cyland screams and pants rapidly from the enormous pleasure. Later, after a couple of hard and rough thrusts into his mate, Coryn shoves his knot into his mate and erupts his hot load of seed deep inside Cyland’s rump, roaring loudly throughout the bite, which intensifies as well, almost making Cyland bleed, meanwhile the other dragon keeps screaming from the extreme pleasure and does nothing but to enjoy and listen to his mate's cry of pleasure. Afterwards, Coryn slows down his thrusts as he keeps pumping all of his cum out while Cyland screams change back to pleasant moans and gasps as he enjoys the final thrusts. Finally, Coryn releases his bite and growls slowly from his fading orgasmic pleasure, looking down at the immensely pleased Cyland.

“Holy crap… That was… incredibly amazing…” Coryn stated, panting slowly as he cuddles Cyland’s face gently. The black dragon looks at his mate and smiles pleased, enjoying the cuddles. “Babe… I… I really really loved it… I’m so glad my first time was with you…” Cy admitted, making Coryn smile and cuddles him more. “I’m glad as well, honey… I love you so much…” Coryn said, smiling genuinely and later laying down on top of Cyland tiredly, while Cy smiles and cuddles his neck sensually. “I love you too, babe…” He stated, nuzzling Coryn as well. While laying on his mate, Coryn felt Cyland’s rod under his belly. “Oh, baby, I forgot about you… Do you want me to do something about your erection?” He asks, nuzzling Cyland back. “That’s okay, sweetheart. We can take care of that in the morning.” Cy stated, smiling a bit. “Hehe… Alright then, I’ll make you cum for me tomorrow.” Coryn stated, hugging Cyland tenderly and giving him a lovely kiss, while Cyland smiles once more and kisses back, enjoying being tied to his muscular, handsome and beloved mate. Later, they both slowly drift to sleep and spend the entire night tied together, as the inseparable and loving mates they seem to be.
Rawr rawr!! :3

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Re: Lovesick (NSFW)

Post by Coryn » June 10th, 2017, 7:44 pm

Reading it again is still such a heartthrob! It was such a good story and I'm glad I can read it again :)
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