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An Evening with Bryce (NSFW)

Posted: February 11th, 2017, 10:59 pm
by Saber
Fanfiction time! :D

While I've been working on my big story, I sidetracked a little bit and worked on a quick fanfiction for the visual novel "Angels with Scaly Wings." This story captivated me in a unique way and had me begging for more at the end of it. So, naturally, I wrote porn for one of the characters! XD

If you haven't heard of the game/visual novel, check it out on Steam!

SPOILER ALERT! (big letters to grab your attention? :D)

This scene is a direct part of the novel itself. Some of the dialogue is word for word, but I've added and taken away bits and pieces to better suit this short story. With that said, this definitely contains spoilers! My biggest concern is that I butchered this story and scene too much, but I did my best to fluidly place my own descriptions, dialogue, and the part of the scene the developers didn't want you to see. o.o

In this story, you will follow along Bryce's story line, just before the biggest part of the festival. You are your own human character; whatever you want yourself to look like, that is you! So, please read and enjoy! ^-^ Even if you haven't played the novel and don't plan on it, I'm sure you'll enjoy this anyway!

Thanks for reading!

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