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Reincarnation, The Library and the books of Life and Death.

A little corner for all of us who likes to paint with words and create wonderful and magical worlds with no other tool than a pen.
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Reincarnation, The Library and the books of Life and Death.

Post by Indominus Roark » August 11th, 2017, 4:22 am

Disclaimer. Nothing I say should be taken seriously. I'm going to say some fluffy things. But this for entertainment purposes. If you choose to read on I hope I have wasted your time wisely. This is a short story. The beginning of life, the end of death. They are opposites in meaning but they still seem to go hand in hand. Most people worry about Death. Some say it should be welcomed like an old friend. But to give a sort of meaning of Life itself.

Right now there's something all of us walking around have in common and were lucky to say that. At this moment everyone is alive at the same time! Right now on earth humanity is close to 7 billion live, along unfathomable numbers of other living souls on this planet and no shortage of newly discovered life on this world. Only a matter of time before here there be dragons!

But everything alive today in this moment we share a bond that only death can break. For this one moment. We all live together. We all know death is inevitable. It is the goal of every living vessel. But death is not the enemy. It is time. Time is a weakness we share with the not just living. It corrodes everything. In this death is actually kind. It quells the pain of the suffering vessel and sets the soul free, no more pain or anguish, leaving the vessel to perish at the hands of time. The soul lives on, leaving the realm of the living heading for one place everything goes before you go to heaven or hell. You visit a special place. Not Limbo, not purgatory. A place that those with the knowledge can go. The soul knows it must stop here before it makes its way to meet their maker or whatever you believe that determines the fate of that soul. If it does not the soul is ravished by time just like the vessel.

As this was written many more lives have began and have ended. When we are born is when the instincts kick in. Babies run on instincts a lot better than most adults when it comes to humans, in fact instincts are strongest when first born for any animal. For human babies the instinct is to cry. For most other mammals the first instinct is to get on their legs and drink the milk of their mother. When it comes to newborn children they have minds that at times rival most adults even though it is still developing that is what makes their mind so great. It's the development of the mind and they are open and have the potential to gain access to great knowledge. It all depends on upbringing. The brain for us humans continues to develop until we reach the age between 23-25 but in the meantime that child's mind like I said has the ability to learn practically anything.

But why are babies usually born screaming? There's one story that says it's the fact that the mind is so impressionable. But perhaps there a reason you don't remember anything from when you were a baby. The story goes, before we are born or open our eyes for the first time. There exists a creature that has the power to grant the newborn the knowledge. All it need to do is take it's hand. But this is why instincts are strongest when born. The baby knows it is a threat and that gives us the power to resist its lore, and once we say no. The creature goes away never to be seen or heard. It is forgotten. The moral of the story is at birth we all realize that knowledge is not something given but gained. That's just one story.

In my story that I'm telling here. If you believe in reincarnation or in the soul as I do, or if you've ever been curious. This is how I believe the soul works at least. Also what I have said should not be taken as facts. This is just a point of view. This is also why you don't see me harping on anyone's beliefs. So if you got this far thank you. And if you continue to read this to the end. That's awesome and I hope I wasted your time for good reasons. Intentions here are just sharing what I gather of this whole life and death thing and how I view the soul. Writing is just something I love to do when I can find the time. Moving on.

Perhaps infants cry because the soul is trying to process its new vessel for lack of better words. And the vessel is also getting used to the soul.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul but behind those eyes is the mind. A crazier theory I have, what if the mind is created by the soul itself? What if time is what the soul is fighting against all along? Perhaps when we are recalling past lives. This is how the soul fights to be remembered and not be erased by the hands of time when the vessel dies. The soul lives on but leaves the mind behind with the vessel as a sort of time anchor. To remember where it has been, and it then uses that knowledge to help the vessel but it mainly creates ripples in time for when that soul is allowed to or wants to and/or is ready to return to the realm of the living. Maybe the soul can pick up those ripples, find those anchors from that point and keep time from making it forget itself. I think that's the worst that can happen to a spirit. A lost soul that can't recall who they are. So in this for those who believe in past lives as I do. As you live through the things you've done and your last breath. The soul continues to exist as long as it does not forget itself by remembering their days amongst the living. It's those anchors that keep you, the soul that is you from losing yourself. Leaving you stuck in Limbo or falling into empty space, or the void.

To keep this from happening the soul keeps one book to write down everything that happens in your life. I call it the book of Life which shows you everything you've done up to present time and it is continued to be written until the time of death. If reincarnation is true, these books of life are limitless but the book of Death is just one book. One per soul, and every soul that does not wish to be swallowed by the void before they begin their life in a new vessel. A book of life is useful. Once the life of the vessel has expired. The book is finished, the soul leaves the realm of the living and takes that book to the ancient library which exists in another plane of existence. Most call this realm the astral planes. The soul goes to this Library and The pages of the book of life are transferred to a second book that always stays in the library. When added to the book the pages will turn black and the words are either red or white. This is The book of Death, it is also black on the cover. Despite its name. It's not a book that will kill you. Not ripping of Death Note. :lol:
Rather it is a record that shows you how you lived and died. But more importantly it is what your soul and any other soul can come back to when they feel they are losing themselves, for the living if you lose yourself it is depressing. For a soul it is maddening and it could fall into oblivion. But once they reach their respective books the spirit can quiet and calm itself knowing it has staved off times corrosion. Perhaps that is why some of us who believe in past lives recall them. The soul wants to be remembered. That might also be why some of us retell our previous life. It is one soul telling another where they came from. It keeps the soul from being forgotten, and the listening soul replies in kind for the same reason.

As for this ancient library. This library has a famous name. Often it is called. The Akashic Records. This is something souls usually never forget so though you might never have heard of the Akashic records perhaps not until this point in time. Your spirit if you believe in it. It has been there many times. Once you're one with the spirit all these things open and you can come and go to the Akashic Records as you please. It is where I believe all souls go before heading off to wherever else. But the living can go there too. In this age for humanity it is harder to do, since only a few are able to connect their mind to their soul. It is a place where anything you want to know exists. And if you seek it out if you truly want it. You can get there by tapping into your spirit with the mind. It never hurts to learn where you came from.

So let's get a visual. Imagine a place where knowledge is infinite. Now imagine this same place the infinite knowledge is contained throughout the place with books. Now imagine a Library, let that image into your mind. Focus on being at this library. Once you have this in mind, you'll be there. At first you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of this place, as you look around the library you see aisles of books that seem to have no end. You navigate the library based on what you are seeking. If you want to find your own book. The library will guide you. When you make your way through the aisle on the way to the book of death. Look to your sides in the aisles you'll see this giant library holds the book of life in great numbers. For every one book of death you see. There are rows upon rows of white books. If you were to pull one down nothing is on the cover and the pages are blank. These are lives not yet lived.
When you get to your book of death, it will have your name on it. Might not be the name you go by in this life. Rather it is the name of your soul. It is here you learn your true name, which is something that is quite enlightening in its own right. Upon opening this book. You can start wherever you like each life lived is marked. You will see how you lived in each past life. But you won't see anything from your current life whether it is past or present. Because you have a book of life with you that is incomplete.

The ancient library is where all knowledge exists in all of its entirety. Everything that ever was or will be is there. With the exception of lives that have not been finished, and in this rule. It would not accept an incomplete book.
When your soul returns to the realm of the living. It brings another book of Life with it. It is being written as you read this and as long as you live. Reading these books will open your mind and reveal your true self. The books are available to you if you truly wish to seek them out. But as they say tread carefully. Especially when it comes to the book of death. Not because something will come after you, but because it is a record of each life you have lived, and everything you have done in those previous lives are in that book, and perhaps what you have done so far may pale in comparison. So if you seek the book of death be prepared to learn things about yourself you might be better off not knowing, but if you really want to know it is there in the book of Death.

The book of life is far less complicated to read, all you need to do to read it is think about an event from your current life. When you recall something from your current life the book is being read. When others tell you of their past that is them reading their book of life to you.

So long as the soul continues this cycle. Transitioning from life to death as a means to fight time. Remembrance is the essence of immortality, at least for the soul. As long as it can remember itself it will live on forever or as long as it remembers it will continue to leave the vessel taking with it the life it lived. For as long as it can return to the great library. It will continue to write the story of You.
No fate but what we make.

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