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How i got lost and accidentally got back home

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How i got lost and accidentally got back home

Post by 64Dragonheart64 » October 12th, 2017, 7:06 pm

This is for the laughs. Was coming back home from the english class two years ago. It was like 8 at night, and when i was on the bus, i realized that it was the wrong one. Same bus line that the one i took but only that it went somewhere else. So after i got off, i tried to follow the route back to where i took it on the first place, but i failed due to not paying attention, and after randomly going through the dark streets, i saw a gas station. I thought it was one close to where i took the bus, but when i arrived i found out that it was not the one i thought, but one that was on an avenue close to the inauguration of a park i had been earlier that year. Luckily for me, i saw one of the buses that left me close to home. I tell the guy where i want to go, and after finding out that i needed the one across the avenue, i am soon on the way home.
The bus was almost empty, and the guy sitting behind me asked for the time. I tell him, without avoiding to think that i was gonna get robbed soon. Turns out that the guy left not too long after and he even waved at me.
In the end i got home safe and sound by pure luck.
The dragon that inhabited my soul left and now it watches over me.

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