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Val's Diary

Posted: September 10th, 2017, 9:14 pm
by Valcyrie
So, essentially just putting this here as a placeholder, and so that you all can see how this is going to work.

Essentially, this forum will be our own little blog section, much more reliable than the somewhat clumsy add-on we added before. Simply start a new thread which will be your personal blog, and then post a new post in there for every entry you want to make. The double-post rule does not apply in this section, naturally.

Here you can write off anything. Complain, let off some steam, share exciting news or whatever that is tied to your private life and not to a certain reptile topic that is otherwise the theme of this site.

For example, I am currently undergoing some deep emotional issues that I'm struggling to overcome. I won't be very active and talkative for a few days because of this, and I might snap and lash out at people at random. Hence why I'm keeping a little bit of distance between me and the community for a while.

As I know have a full week off to nothing and no one but myself, I feel a bit creative so I'm giving our beloved community a huge overhaul. Having something to work with also helps me to focus my otherwise scattered and terrifying thoughts so I guess its in the best interest for everyone, heheh. Cheers!