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Mazrogal's Convention journeys!

Posted: September 11th, 2017, 7:45 pm
by Mazrogal
Seeing Val put a blog about some personal stuff i got inspired too share my experiences going to the furry conventions out there in the world! :)

so far i've only been to one convention and it was the Egyptian Themed EF23 at Estrel hotell in Berlin who was 16-20th of august and my impressions of it was the following:

What can i say? it was very exciting and fun to visit eurofurence in berlin and i was also a bit nervous since it was my very first furry convention ever. But i really liked meeting new people there and seeing their fursona's and suits that some had. I saw many amazing suits done by clockwork studios? i think they are called. And i really look forward when i can wear my own fursuit later at Nordicfuzzcon which is in stockholm 28th february until 4th of march next year.

And what i also liked about EF was that it was such a nice hotell to walk around in and all the amazing panels to see. And of course i paid a visit to the dealers den and walked out with lots of stuff i didn't really need but was fun supporting the artists and getting a ton of t-shirts, books and comics and a dragon themed handbag/computer bag to carry it all in. Of course i missed all the fursuit parade and dance events since my suit wasn't done but hopefully my maker will finish it up in time before next conventions i plan on going to! What was also fun was that they had a gotta catch em all game at the convention where all fursuiter's had a unique code next to their badge which if you took a photo off and put into the eurofurence app you sort of ''catched them'' out of all the fursuiters there i think it was 1 or 2 who caught almost all of of them and from what i heard it was roughly 800 fursuiters of 2802 people who where at the convention.

And i also met some people who i +watch on FA and they watch me also on FA so was a bit surprised someone called out my name of my sona since they remembered my badge i had^^ I also met the artist who drew my fursuit badge i wear around my neck and i also bought two really nice prints i've hung up on the wall from a artist named Red-Izak. It was also fun just walking up to the fursuiter's and ask them kindly if they could pose for the camera so i have a bunch of photos on my camera i maybe upload somewhere one day of the convention. And i also liked the wall banners that some artist had done cause o boy the detail and quality on those was amazing!

I will add my experience of EF24 and NFC in later posts also and hopefully how the experiences as a fursuiter is at the conventions! ^^