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Gallery ToS and General Rules

How to upload to the gallery, what type of materials are allowed and general troubleshooting.
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Gallery ToS and General Rules

Post by Ethos » October 6th, 2016, 12:12 am


By accessing the "Herpy Reference Archive" gallery ("Site") you agree to the following terms of service. If you do not agree to any or all of these terms, then please do not access the Site.

• the Site reserves the right to change these terms at any time;

• if you are a minor, then you will not use the Site;

• the Site is presented to you as is, without any warranty, express or implied. You will not hold the Site or its staff members liable for damages caused by the use of the Site;

• the Site reserves the right to delete or modify your account, or any content you have posted to the Site;

• you will only post reptile-related images, as the Site is not meant as a general furry image board.


Please observe the following general rules during use of the Site:

(1) Please post images in the correct categories. Everything on the Site is arranged by specific categories so please choose the correct section for the image(s) that you want to post. Images that are not in the appropriate category will be either relocated or deleted by the moderators;

(2) You are forbidden to use the Site to upload any of the following:

- live images of an adult nature: due to laws requiring certain records to be kept when live models are used, no live images of an adult nature (this includes photomorphs or photomanipulations of live images) are to be posted.

- child pornography: any photograph or movie that depicts real children in a sexual manner. This includes nudity, explicit sex, and implied sex.

- bestiality: any photograph or movie that depicts real humans engaged in sexual intercourse (either explicit or implied) with other non-human animals. Please note that this category includes drawn art and animations of sexual acts involving humans and living reptilians such as crocodilians and lizards. To clarify, artwork and video animations of humans and fantasy reptiles (eg., dragons, gryphons, includes also extinct dinosaurs) are acceptable. This rule is to make it absolutely clear that the site does not encourage or promote sexual relations between humans and animals in any manner.

- watermarked: any image where a person who is not the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image.

(3) Do respect the rights of artists.

The Site believes in fully respecting the rights of artists who spend many hours creating quality work for you and in order to show this respect, we ask that you observe the following rules when posting. Note that they will be enforced by the moderators by deletion and if necessary banning of repeat offenders.

a. Don't post an image if the individual artist can be found on the DNP (Do Not Post) list.

b. Don't post an image if it is commercially available. A non-complete list of commercial sources include:
- CD or DVD collections
- art from online sales venues
- content of websites that requires payment for access (such as Frisky Ferals, etc.)

c. Don't post unauthorized edits of images made by other artists.

(4) Please tag all uploaded works for ease of searching. See similar images to maintain the same tags.

(5) Always identify the artist’s primary gallery in the “source” field.

(6) Try to avoid “scraping” entire galleries from an artist’s website.

(7) Do not use the gallery comment section for roleplaying. There are appropriate threads in the Discord forums for this activity.

(8) Avoid posting any promotional art or direct links pertaining to Bad Dragon or any of its subsidiaries, as the Site does not wish to be associated with this organization.

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