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Uploading to the Gallery

Posted: October 6th, 2016, 1:30 am
by Ethos
The following tutorial will guide users through the uploading process at the gallery.

1. Log in to the gallery
2. Click on the "Upload File" link at the top of the page to reach the following screen:


3. Choose a target album for your image from the pull-down menu
4. Click "Browse" and select your image which will then upload and appear on screen as a thumbnail

NOTE: You can repeat step 4 multiple times, though uploading a maximum of five to ten images at a time is recommended

5. Once you have finished uploading your image (or images) a "continue" button will appear:


6. Click on the "continue" button and you will be taken to the "edit files" screen:


NOTE: When filling out the "Keywords" field, use only letters, numbers, and underscores because special characters $/\:*?"'<>|` '&#@ will cause error messages (for example, Sil'thaera should be spelt as Sil-thaera). Further note that the same rule applies to the name of the file you upload.

6. Enter a name for the image in the "Title" field
7. Enter the artist name or a description in the "Description" field
8. Enter the tags in the "Keywords" field (if unsure, check similar images to use as a template or guide)
9. Enter the artist's website in the "source" field
10. Click the "apply changes" button at the top or bottom of the page:


Now you can click the "home" button to return to the main page of the gallery or click "upload file" to upload more images if you like.

Bear in mind that the image(s) will appear immediately if you have been added to the "Trusted Uploaders" group, otherwise by default there will be a delay until the image is first verified by a moderator.