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Donate to us!

Posted: October 5th, 2016, 3:28 am
by Valcyrie has now reached its official release!

Do you enjoy our community and would like to help us remain online and ad-free? Please consider making a donation, preferably via Patreon but one-time donations via PayPal also works.

Herpy currently costs 49,98 Euro each month in sheer server hosting from the service provider. Everybody in the site staff works with the community for free, so no donated money lands in the pocket of anyone of us. There might be occasional costs when we need to hire a sysadmin temporarily to fix some issues, but that's about it.

Herpy currently has no ads or similar and therefore gain no revenue or has any other way to earn money. Therefore we kindly ask our members to please support us by sending donations via the buttons below. Even a small sum will make a huge difference. All donations are made anonymously, and will show up on your transfer list / card statement as VALKYRARTS.

Any money that exceed what we need to host the site will be reimbursed to the community either via investments for the future of the site, or through giveaways.