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Cargo Ship UX-1421 (NSFW)

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Cargo Ship UX-1421 (NSFW)

Post by Dracokon » November 29th, 2017, 11:00 pm

Hey guess what Hell has officially frozen over and I've decided to return to writing scaly smut because my life is literally a living nightmare and I've got nothing else better to do. This is my first new story in something like five years because back in 2011 my personal life derailed and just did not stop. Some of you who were around on the original Herpy might vaguely recall the inklings of trouble in paradise, but I digress.

That said, the new dig is Cargo Ship UX-1421 and, as you might be surprised to hear, it's a story that takes place on a spaceship that carries cargo shipments. (I never said I was good at naming things.) This is chapter one (of at least two) and it introduces the main characters. All two of them. Well, three actually, but you'll figure out why the number is two if you read it. This story contains a lot of weird stuff. It's got all the nice things that people have come to know and love from me, like aliens, slime/goo, and mind control. Plus, there's other stuff that I've picked up in the years I've been gone that I am ready to shock the world with, like absorption vore. Hey, I guess I spoiled why there's only two characters instead of three! :lol:

The story is here under the spoiler tag (for length reasons), but if you have accounts on SoFurry, Furry Network, or FurAffinity it would be cool if you read the story there and give it some love. Or read it here first and then go on one of the sites and be like "wow so hot and murry purry 10/10 would slime vore again". Either way I'm trying to get back into the scene and stuff like that helps other people find my work.*

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*This whole thing is a sham, by the way. The primary (and only) reason that I've gotten back into writing is because I am trying to use it as an opportunity to find a possible dating partner/mate. You see, if someone reads these gross fetish stories that I write and they're like "hey that's pretty good" then there's a fair chance that we'd have a lot in common and it's worth a shot to see if we'd work as a couple. I'm still pseudo-serious about my work (and I have a lot more ideas in the pipeline) but I'm only here for companionship. I plan to either write until I solve the whole "single" thing or until I develop diabetes and subsequently die before the age of 40 because I'm not messing around with insulin injections five times a day. Fun!

PS: Thank you for checking out my story, and also I am deeply sorry for posting it.
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